When facing criminal charges, know your rights and get a lawyers help.

Criminal charges may lead to prison, fines, probation, job loss, loss of driver’s priveledges and much more. In most U.S. states, if convicted of criminal offenses, a criminal record is all but guaranteed and sometimes that criminal record may not easily be expunged.  One slight slip up, such as taking a joint being passed around at a party, can easily haunt you the rest of your life.

Knowing your rights can help you protect yourself when you are presented with a warrant of arrest. The arrest warrant is a legal writ that authorizes the arrest and confinement of a person. A police officer/ cop has the right, power and authority to arrest you and as we often see, they might kill you proving it. If you are being arrested, your best option is not trying to put up defense or resisting arrest. Although you are not taught this in elementary, middle or high school, as law is not a prerequisite to life in the United States as of yet, resisting arrest is illegal.

An officer is supposed to follow protocol when arresting you. The arrested must be aware of his or her rights. A police officer is supposed to recite the Miranda rights before questioning.  If they do not it may result in a dismissal of any confession or admission.

It is always in your best interest to remain silent and do as they say.  If you don’t they may hurt you.  Only request to contact your attorney, next of kin, friend, etc.  Say nothing else.  In most circumstances the arresting officer has no power of denying you the right to inform your lawyer or any other person of the arrest.

Criminal charges such as murder, assault, theft, drug crimes, gun crimes and and even DUI may result in long jail sentences if convicted.  When the state attorney/ prosecutor is after you, it is very important that you have the proper defense.  To many prosecuting attorneys keeping an innocent man out of prison means losing a case, so if you are innocent and facing criminal charges, beware.

Hiring a qualified and experienced criminal lawyer in the area you are facing charges is important. They will go through the charges, facts, and witness statements and help you decide how to defend your case.  A lawyer’s help can guide you.

The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. Be honest with your lawyer and give the attorney representing your case all the material facts that are important in discrediting the prosecution’s case and building yours.

In the USA, communication between a client and lawyer is considered “privileged.”  Regardless of whether a criminal lawyer’s client is guilty, the defense attorney still has the same job.  They must make the prosecuting lawyers prove their case.  They force them to use sound arguments, evidence, and witness testimony.  A defense lawyer’s job requires them to protect the integrity of the justice system.

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