What is in the Florida Water?

First we had the horrific tale of Caylee Anthony.  A toddler apparently murdered, but without any justice, whether her mother, Caysee Anthony was guilty or not. Next we had the Trayvon Martin rundown.  A teenager murdered that apparently would have gone without any justice had their not been a national outcry of rage, even bringing in the ranks of Jesse Jackson.  And now what do we have?  Men, apparently on the recently legal drug “Bath Salts,” eating peoples faces.

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Jacksonville, FL Lawyer, Cynthia Veintemillas

To those who live outside of Florida, it must sound like there is something bad in the water.  Florida continues to add national headlines with the most exhilarating and often disgusting legal cases occurring throughout the United States.  Beginning around July, 2008 with the disappearance of Caylee Anthony and the circus of events that followed, all of America has tuned in to the justice  system in Florida.  Every major news media and nearly every minor news media in the world reported on the story and the Anthony saga still continues.

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman on February 26, 2012.  Within hours of George Zimmerman’s release from jail the nation was once again gripped by another horrific story straight out of Florida.  From the first scene reporting, to Florida Lawyer, Craig Sonner quitting, to hidden bank accounts and donations, this story continues to get twisted.  Now we will have several years of CNN, Fox News, NBC, CNBC, RT, BBC, NY Times and EVERY other media source scrutinizing our state justice system

It is almost like Florida broke probation from the Caysee Anthony fiasco.  Within a few months of Zimmerman pulling the trigger, we fill the headlines with Bath Salt Zombies…   What is in the Water?

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