Warren Jeffs Fires Defense Lawyers

Warren Jeffs Fires Defense Lawyer

Warren Jeffs Fires Defense Lawyer

The president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Warren Jeffs, has fired his defense lawyers and will represent himself against charges of sexual assault.

“My counsel doesn’t have the full understanding of the facts and are unable to assist in my defense,” Jeffs stated before the court. “I have trained my defense, but they were unable to do what I said. I am presenting the need for true justice to be presented, and for the truth to come out.”

Jeffs went to court, scheduled for opening arguments, but Judge Barbara Walther recessed the hearing to consider Jeffs’ request.

Jeffs is charged with child sexual assault and aggravated child sexual assault after a raid in 2008 on a Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter Day Saints in Texas that belonged to his sect. The Zion Ranch is alleged to be the location where “spiritual marriages” to 12 and 14 year old girls occured.

If convicted, Jeffs could spend the rest of his self proclaimed prophet life behind bars where there will be no young girls.

Jeffs went on to tell the court, “The condition of my present defense is such that I cannot use them. They, not having all needed understanding for my defense, which wants for representation by one who knows and understands the facts of these truths.”

The Jeffs’ sect is a more radical offsping of Mormonism to which the GOP presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, so proudly belongs.

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