US Auto Industy Slows Through July

US automobile sales slowed down through July as consumers became worried about the debt crisis and the economy. It was certainly no help that Japanese car prices rose due to the crisis they are suffering with the recent earthquake and tsunami.

While General Motors sales increased 7.6 percent, Honda sales in America dipped 28.4 percent, primarily caused by parts shortages from the March 11 earthquake in Japan.

Honda expects improvements in their inventory soon as their North American manufacturing facilities return to full production.

Toyota posted a 22.7 percent decline in sales during July and Nissan of North America gained a slight 2.7 percent.

Chrysler gained 20 percent while Ford posted an 12.7 percent hike. The Ford Fiesta led the way with a 58 percent increase in sales through the month of July.

The Japanese tremor slowed what was otherwise a great start of the year for the auto industry.

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