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Brian Terry Murderers

From left to right, Jesus Rosario Favela-Astorga, Ivan Soto-Barraza, Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes, and Lionel Portillo-Meza (photo unavailable) are wanted in connection with the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Manuel Osorio Arellanes, of Sinaloa, Mexico, had plead not guilty to the assault and murder of federal agent, Border Patrol, Brian Terry in Dec. 2010.  News agencies are now reporting that he has changed his plea.

Five individuals were allegedly involved in the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, and a reward of up to $1 million from the FBI for information leading to the arrest of four fugitives, was offered by Department of Justice officials.

Attorney General Eric Holder released the following statement September 19, 2012.

“The FBI and the United States Attorney from the Southern District of California have been working for many months with Mexican authorities to identify and apprehend the fugitives involved in the murder of Agent Terry, who made the ultimate sacrifice in serving his country.  We now have two men in custody and we will continue to aggressively pursue the remaining fugitives to ensure justice for Agent Terry, his family and his fellow law enforcement agents who put their lives on the line each day to keep this country safe.”

Manuel Osorio-Arellanes has been in custody since his arrest the night of the shooting.

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