Trayvon Martin Killer, George Zimmerman Racism Accusations

Not to mention telling investigators George Zimmerman touched her inappropriately, the 28 year old, witness number 9 told of Zimmerman’s family history of racism.

The witness said that Mr. Zimmerman first touched her when she was 6 which means he would have been about 8. While her parents were moving to Orlando, Fla., She was staying in the Zimmermans’ Virginia home with his family. She continued to visit the Zimmerman family for numerous years.

“Before we left the room or left any place, he would say we weren’t doing anything — we were just laying there or we were just playing hide-and-seek. He would always make sure that he told me that. And I didn’t know. I was a kid. I didn’t know any better.”

The woman says it would involve “a lot of kissing, groping. He would put his hands under my shirt and just rub and grab my chest and put his hands down my pants again.”

The plot continues to thicken in this case. So far we have a young, innocent boy walking home at night dead. A man who chased him down and killed him who has reported ties to higher up government officials in the Sanford Florida justice system and who now has “witness #9” saying he molested her and has a family history of racism. Oh yeah… Lets not forget that he has acquired a tremendous new source of income since the slaying that he initially lied to the Florida Judge about…

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