Tips For Young Lawyers and Business Professionals

With millions of professionals in the social web, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts can drive business directly to you. It is, therefore not an option but a necessity to become familiar with these technologies. And it is important to create a profile as strong as possible.

When joining these networks, use your own personal email address rather than your firm’s email address. If you ever switch firms, you will be glad you did this. Next, write a specific professional title, location and industry, which should either be “Lawyer” or “Attorney”. Finally, complete other details, but do not over do it. You don’t want to show that you are desperate.

Begin joining similar groups. Do not worry about friends for now. You will develop a profession friend base from the groups. Search through the “Groups” with terms such as Lawyer, Attorney,(your location) lawyer, and for local business networking. To prevent email bombs from all the groups set your notifications to weekly.

Begin participating in the group discussions and developing and connecting with your relevant contacts.

Start recommending others and the golden rule usually follows your path.

Finally… Begin using the big three social networks together. Let Facebook know you are tweeting, link your linkedin account to you twitter account, and so on.

Although it will not happen over night, it is an amazing tool. The time required to begin a social network and maintain the network will pay off quickly. With a few hours of initial set up and maybe an hour or two a week you should see the benefits soon.

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