The Zimmerman Rundown and Contribution Profits

George Zimmerman MugshotGeorge Zimmerman, accused of killing Trayvon Martin, but claiming self defense by Florida Stand Your Ground law, has been released on bail. Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. granted bond of $150,000 after prosecutors asked for bond to be set at $1,000,000. The Zimmerman family claimed they did not have the money for the higher level bond. As it turns out the actual payment needed for Zimmerman’s bail is just 10% of the total bond. For Judge Lester’s $150,000 bond, the Zimmerman family and George Zimmerman were able to secure his release for just $15,000.

A new twist is being revealed in this already disgusting use of deadly force. It seems that Zimmerman found the money/ other resources to start a website where contributions have been flowing in to help his defense. According to sources, and verified by Zimmerman’s Lawyer, the donations currently exceed $204,000. Over two hundred thousand dollars shows that the defendant, George Zimmerman, actually had the resources for a $2,000,000 bond and that his family was either hiding or unknowing of the new found fortune.

According to Zimmerman’s defense lawyer, Mark O’Mara, there is not a set explanation yet, as to why Zimmerman did not disclose his new fortunes to the judge. He is quoted as stating, “If that was an oversight by him, then it was. And quite honestly, with everything he’s going through for the past several weeks, if that’s the only oversight he’s committed, we’ll deal with it, Judge Lester will deal with it.”

While helping Zimmerman take down his websites, O’Mara claims to have discovered the fortune when Zimmerman asked him what he should do with the money. O’Mara was having Zimmerman remove his website, facebook and other social network pages for numerous reasons. Although Zimmerman had already spent over $50,000 on “living expenses,” it just slipped his mind when the discussion on resources for bail came up with Judge Lester.

On Friday, Assistant State Attorney, Bernie de la Rionda petitioned Judge Lester for an increase on the bond with the new found fortune in donations. Judge Lester has delayed his ruling. The Judge is looking into his authority to say how the money can be used.

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