The Florida Department of Corrections New Performance Dashboard

The Florida Department of Corrections (DC) is announcing the launch of its performance reporting system – the Performance Dashboard. In an ongoing effort to enhance organizational performance and ensure accountability through increased transparency, the Department is implementing performance-based assessments in all areas of its operations and plans to post “Quarterly Performance Scorecards” on its public website under the new Dashboard system.

In its introduction of the new system, the Department has highlighted the performance of its 48 state run Institutions. The DC invites you to visit its Performance Dashboard and encourages you to check back periodically – as the Agency continues expanding the system to report on all Operational Areas.

The Department of Corrections is introducing “Performance-Based Assessments” to all areas of operations. Our goals are to enhance organizational performance, ensure accountability, highlight success, and facilitate change when and where it is needed.

Performance data will be reported for all Program Areas on a quarterly basis. For those Areas with multiple offices, facilities, and branches located throughout the state, an evaluation and scoring system is used to track improvement/change on multiple performance indicators across two periods of assessment.

Each Program Area has a Performance Dashboard which includes their “Quarterly Performance Scorecard” with a “Reference Guide” providing a summary description of the measures, their reporting frequency, the goal for each measure, and the type of ranking system used to evaluate measures if applicable. For each Program Area, quarterly “Success Stories” are highlighted and a link to the Program Area’s main webpage is provided.

Performance measures will ensure that the Department of Corrections continues to move forward through the utilization of effective and innovative correctional strategies.  They invite you to explore our website to learn more about the Department and Performance-Based Assessments.

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