The Florida Bar News | The Florida Supreme Court | The Florida Bar… What really governs over lawyers?

Laws governing lawyers and regulations that govern attorney conduct are discussed below. The ability to practice in the legal profession as licensed attorneys and the advertisement of their services is governed by law to help protect the public from fraud, misrepresentation or system abuse.

Further information on the laws in Florida can be found by following this link:

According to  “””Article V, Section 15 of the Constitution of the State of Florida gives the Supreme Court of Florida exclusive and ultimate authority to regulate the admission of persons to the practice of law and the discipline of those persons who are admitted to practice. The Court performs those official functions through two separate arms: the Florida Board of Bar Examiners , which screens, tests and certifies candidates for admission to the practice; and The Florida Bar, the investigative and prosecutorial authority in the lawyer regulatory process. Neither of these two agencies, nor any of their functions, is supported by state tax dollars.”””

The Florida Bar News is where current laws governing lawyers can be found.  The laws or “Rules” are dynamic.

For the complete document:  RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT PREAMBLE:  A LAWYER’S RESPONSIBILITIES click here:  Florida Lawyer Professional Conduct Laws

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