The Costs of Justice 1.0

Walking home from a convenience store, after dark, with a chilly Florida wind blowing, you feel the car creep in behind you as the headlight’s gleam slowly grows. It is strange. This feeling sinks in there is something wrong. A large man calls out from the car. You are 17, black and in an unknown, proud to be from the South area of Florida, so you run. You gain a good lead on the man chasing you, but the big guy doesn’t quit coming. He stumbles, he falls and you keep running. As you run you realize that you are lost. The big guy is still coming. You just arrived to the new neighborhood, located in the southern state Florida, to see your father. You are lost, scared and full of adrenaline that will pump a heart empty with the mortal wound that is coming. Big guy catches you. He is heavy and has man strength that baffles you. He holds you to the ground, against all the fight a 17 year old boy can muster, and he shoots you in the chest. You are dead in seconds.

I am not claiming this happened to Trayvon Martin. The facts of the night may be completely different than the event described above. I won’t call out the potential for racism anymore, after this one last stab at the obvious observation of the Southern Land where these events occurred. I want to point out the Cost’s for Justice in the Trayvon Martin Rundown. That is what it was according to all facts released so far. A rundown. Rundown a man… And KILL him when he fights back.

Billions of taxpayer and special interest dollars have gone towards the creation of gun laws in the United States of America. The first law was simple. You had the right to a gun and the right to use it against a man/ woman who was in the act of trying to hurt you. Yes, stealing a man’s belongings was considered causing harm. Over time, these laws were found to be loose in the court of law. Rather than allowing the local juries decide a man’s fate by interpreting the law as they saw fit for each individual case, more laws were created. More and more money went towards gun laws, property protection laws, use of deadly force laws and now Florida’s infamous Stand Your Ground Law.

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