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Spreading awareness about IPF and wrongful convictions is crucial in the fight against injustices found in the legal system. A community that is knowledgeable about wrongful convictions is one that will be able to recognize the causes, effects and the harm they cause to innocent persons and society. For this reason IPF spent the week of the October 14th, spreading awareness about our project throughout Florida.

Bain1On the 16th Jackie Pugh, James Bain and Robert Cromwell visited Florida Southern College in Lakeland. Pugh, IPF’s development coordinator,  spoke to an audience of over 60 people about IPF and the work that we do.

Cromwell, an IPF board member and retired FBI Special Agent in Charge, spoke about reforms that are necessary to correct two of the causes of wrongful convictions – witness misidentification and false confessions .

“What can I do about yesterday? I can only live for today,” James Bain said to the audience filled with students, professors and community members.

He spent an hour answering questions that revealed after spending 35 years in prison, he has done nothing more than move forward with his life. He shared with the audience how he met his wife and being a father to a six month old son named James Jr.

A similar presentation was held at Rollins College in Winter Park on Oct. 17th. Pugh introduced IPF to the audience. She was accompanied by William Dillon who gave the guests a first hand account of his wrongful conviction and how his exoneration has affected his life.

Our last stop was at Stetson University in DeLand Fla on the 19th. IPF was invited by the Bonner Program to give a presentation.

Photos of James Bain at Florida Southern via TheLedger.com

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