Seven Months After Drummer, Robert Champion, Dies… FAMU President Resigns.

Florida A&M University president, James Ammons resignation went into effect Monday after the school’s board of trustees accepted his request to step down from the job immediately. Originally scheduled to depart in October it seems the Florida university has changed their opinion.

Robert Champion

Robert Champion

Robert Champion, 26, died after beatings taken during hazing rituals on a band bus. The event happened after a football game in Orlando, Florida.

With surprising speed, FAMU has removed Ammons from their executive staff list found here. FAMU Executive Staff The top of the list now belongs to Larry Robinson. Before any musicians consider forgiving FAMU and joining their band you may want to consider getting in contact with Larry Robinson to see how he is going to break this long and well known tradition of hazing in the Florida university. His email is: and his office phone number is: 850-599-3276

The FAMU website posted a press release concerning the resignation of James Ammons. Below is a short excerpt and the full post is available here: President Ammons Submits Letter of Resignation

Florida A&M University (FAMU) President James H. Ammons submitted his letter of resignation to Chairman Solomon Badger III and members of the Board of Trustees today.

“After considerable thought, introspection and conversations with my family, I have decided to resign from my position as president in order to initiate my retirement on Oct. 11, 2012,” said Ammons. “Following the presidency, I will continue my work on science, technology, engineering and math initiatives as a tenured full professor on our great faculty.”

Ammons has served as president since July 2, 2007.

“I am saddened by President Ammons’ decision to resign, but it is his choice to do so,” said Solomon Badger III, Chair, FAMU’s Board of Trustees. “Given all that has transpired, it seems to be in the best interest of the University and I applaud him for putting FAMU ahead of his personal goals.”

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