Are you pregnant and considering adoption?

Sometimes pregnant women are not ready to be a mom. They are faced with a difficult decision between adoption and abortion. Only you can decide what’s right for your baby. The following are common questions a pregnant woman wants answers to while they consider adoption.

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1. Who can I talk to for more information about adoption? LogoIt does not matter how far along your pregnancy is, or if you have already given birth, there is a team of professionals ready to help you at Adoption Jacksonville.

When you contact, Adoption professionals or attorneys will help you determine if adopting is you and your child’s best option. The team will answer any of your questions, show you profiles of families looking for a child to adopt, and if you decide to start the adoption process, they will begin helping you create your adoption plan.

2. How much does putting a baby up for adoption cost?

When you decide to place your child with a new family, it does not cost you anything. The services that you can receive from are free and you will also receive money for adoption to cover medical expenses, legal expenses, counseling, relocation and housing, food, clothing, and more.

3. Can I pick who adopts my baby?

Choosing the family that will adopt your baby is probably the best part of the adoption process. Your adoption team will allow you to view family profiles and even contact the families that interest you the most.

If you only want to work with families in Jacksonville, the attorneys and adoption agency will only include them. If you want your child to be raised with a specific religious background, it is your choice.

4. Can I talk to the family before I pick them?

YES! There are many different ways for you to get to know the families before you make your decision, including:

Phone Calls – Your adoption team will help you contact the families that you are interested in.

Email – If you are nervous about speaking with the family, you can choose to use email.

Visitation – Meeting prospective parents in-person may be the best option!

Facebook – Facebook is a great way for you to look into the family home. Check out the adoption professionals Facebook page here:

5. Can I be a part of my child’s life?

An “open adoption” allows birth parents to be a part of their baby’s life as they grow up.

You can choose to communicate with the adopting family through letters and pictures, phone calls, and if you set it up in your adoption plan, you can visit the family and your child.

6. Do families wanting to adopt receive background checks?

Florida law requires that men and women who want to adopt a baby go through extensive background checks. Through an extensive home study process, the family must complete criminal, medical and financial background checks.

7. Will my baby grow up angry if I choose adoption?

When a birth mother chooses adoption it is typically in the best interest of the child. The adoption teams provide counseling for the adopting family and the birth mother that help them address the issue. Most adopted children grow up to love their birth parents and understand that the decision was made to give them the best life possible.

As the child grows up they will understand that the other options would not have been in their best interest. Because of the choice their mother made they were able to have a good, safe home, a better education and a financially stable environment.

In the past adopted children were not properly informed. Today we know that simple, direct honesty is the best option.

8. Will an adopting family give my baby the same love a biological mom would?

Adoptive parents almost always try hard to have children of their own, but because of infertility or other reason, they cannot. The struggle they face typically creates a very strong desire to have, and love, a baby.

Most adopted children have very blessed lives, filled with opportunities that they would have never had without adoption.

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