Nationwide flash mobs, media cover up, and the Jacksonville Walmart flash mob.

Some will say that Walmart provides for thousands of American jobs, but this is a complete manipulation of the truth.  It is a lie.  Walmart’s products are primarily made in China. The United States loses tens of thousands of jobs because Walmart destroys local competition and US made competitors.  Walmart receives tax breaks, shipping discounts and decreased tariffs that even the US competitors also selling Chinese goods cannot compete with.  For every job that Walmart creates in America, we lose 100 jobs to global outsourcing.

Below you will see a video of the Jacksonville Walmart flash mob that targeted the Walmart on Lem Turner Road in Jacksonville in mid July.  The video may be deleted soon due to media censorship, but if you see actual Jacksonville Walmart flash mob video of the event, there was no violence, and there was very little stealing.  It was more of a party, with people dancing and rejoicing. There were 300 children participating and only $1500 worth of merchandise taken.  Definitely not a full out robbery…  The police who arrived fired shots into the air to dispurse the crowd, as can be derived from the actual video footage.

In the second video of the Walmart flash mob below, you will see Ian Sweeting of News 4, Jacksonville introduce Emily Turner who chastizes and belittles what is actually a statement on societal issues far deeper that the “camera puppet” Emily Turner can imagine.

Emily Turner of Channel 4, they were NOT “throwing around a threat of a very dicey situation” and the other flash mobs that are filled with white children or even adults are NOT threatening anything.  It has gone past threats.  Society is changing and the concentration of an area’s wealth into communist monopolies like Walmart is soon to end.  The banks’ control, through debt slavery, is about to end.  The flash mobs in Iceland became a new government, without control by global elites through debt slavery.  The same is going to happen here and those who are actually guilty of crimes that do REAL harm in society are going to jail.  (HSBC, JP Morgan, Barclays, Rothschild, World Bank, IMF, etc.)

The community college is just down the road from the Walmart in Jacksonville that was hit with the flash mob of 300 young adults.  The scene shown in the video looks like a celebration.  Very similar to what I would imagine Native Americans doing when they won a battle against the white man’s genocide.  The people are dancing and joking around.  They are playing, but instead of having hurt people like the Native Americans did these children have been focused onto a problem that still exists in society and is ruining local markets.  The Flash Mob was a statement.  It was not a threat.  It was a show of power, orchestrated by something that little bitty Emily Turner, of WJXT4, either cannot grasp or is not allowed to discuss.  There is a growing group of young adults, of all colors, who see the evil that still haunts the United States after the end of Native American genocide, slavery and segregation.  They are in our Universities, our Colleges, our businesses, they are everywhere.  Some call themselves anonymous, some occupiers, some Black Panthers, some Ron Paul supporters, some tea partiers, some democrats, some republicans, some atheists, some poor, some rich and some just good Christians.  They know the way to change is slow and if not correctly done, there can be terrible pain among the people who already suffer.

Jesus Christ was told to have led his disciples into the church where the money changers were conducting business.  It is told that he flipped over the tables and threw a fit.  He did not hurt anyone either.

It is not just African communities rising up today.  Although the history of the African people in the United States has been as terrible as one can only imagine hell, the people are not being evil or sick.  The Africans forced American, are now full blown Americans and they want Justice.  It is not just “black” people that have suffered at the hands of greed and it is not ONLY those who have suffered who are fighting for justice.  THERE are MANY of all colors ready to rock/ rap/ hip hop… It is time for change…  Let the celebrations begin.

This is not the Jacksonville Flash Mob video.
The flash mobs are not about racism or anything other than unity.

This is the Jacksonville Flash Mob video.

Here is Emily Turner trying to be cute.

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