Nancie Johnson Tinsley | Oscar W. Tinsley | Jacksonville Murder Suicide

Nancie M Johnson Tinsley and Oscar W. Tinsley, wife and husband, were publicly identified as the victims of what appears to be another Jacksonville murder in 2014 and a suicide.

According to police reports and reporting from, Oscar Tinsley was charged with domestic battery on Valentine’s Day. He received a 12 month probation but that was later dropped on May 1 under a judge’s order to not use drugs and alcohol while taking anger-management courses.

According to the arrest report, the Tinsley’s 23-year-old son heard his parents arguing around 3:30 in the morning. The son also reported hearing loud banging during the Valentines day conflict. Nancie Tinsley told officers they were arguing and she was pushed into a wall. She accused Oscar Tinsley of grabbing the clothing around her neck.

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