Michael Franti Packed Freebird With Love

On Thursday, November 7 2013, Jacksonville Beach was blessed by a great soul, Michael Franti. First attending a private party at Bluewater for his “Do It For The Love” foundation and then he filled the Freebird air with love.

Do It For The Love is a wish-granting organization gifting people who are living with advanced stages of life threatening illnesses live concert experiences and meet-and-greets with their favorite artists. Michael Franti founded the organization and there is no doubt when watching Michael that he is filled with a gift that can only be given by a higher power.

Do It For The Love is a group of heart-first artists and promoters dedicated to rocking out, bringing joy, healing and hope, and an unforgettable experience of celebrating life. They hope you will participate in helping bring the healing power of music to as many people as possible.

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How it all got started.

Scheduled for Wanee festival in Florida, Michael was contacted by Hope Dezember. Hope explained to Michael that her husband, Steve, lives with advanced stages of ALS and that the Wanee Festival might be Steve’s last concert. Steve wished to meet Michael and the wish was granted.

Before the show, Michael and his partner Sara Agah ended up spending three hours backstage with Hope and Steve. Steve was confined to an electric wheelchair and had very little movement in his limbs and face. Through concerted whispers, he shared the story of how he asked Hope to marry him after being diagnosed with ALS. Knowing his condition would lead to death within a few years, Hope immediately responded yes to his proposal. The two were married and have journeyed together through Steve’s deteriorating condition.

Sara and Michael were moved to tears by the love they shared and inspired by the depth of courage and grace apparent in their smiles and passion to fight ALS. Michael invited Steve and Hope to join him on stage during his show. Although Steve was barely able to move his body, he asked Hope to lift him out of his chair. Wrapped in each other’s arms, they danced on stage in front of 20,000 fellow music fans gathered at the event. There was not a dry eye in the house.

Following this pivotal event shared with the Dezembers’, Michael and Sara were inspired to create “Do It For the Love” to bring the joyous gift of attending a live concert to people with life-threatening illnesses,” explains Michael.

Together with their loved ones, people facing these life challenges can meet the musical artists that have inspired and touched their lives as they laugh, dance, sing and simply celebrate life.

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