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Lt. Governor Carroll

Lt. Governor Carroll

Whatever Carletha Cole may have taped, it has Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll under the news and media’s watchful eye. Allegations stemming from the ex-aide of Carroll involve the Florida Governor, Rick Scott and as this story becomes more public, Carletha Cole could become another Julian Assange or maybe this time, an American hero.

Carletha Cole is facing criminal charges with a third-degree felony and could get up to five years in prison for the wire tapping. Her lawyer, Stephen Webster of Tallahassee, released a statement: “That’s the truth. It is what it is.”

Cole alleges that Jennifer Carroll, who is married was having improper relationships with Beatriz Ramos. She alleges that under the instruction of Governor Rick Scott, wire tapping in the Carroll was rampant. Cole was arrested in October, 2011 with charges that she gave an illegally taped conversation with another Carroll aide to a newspaper reporter.

The prosecutor on the case would not comment about the motion and the actual taped conversations are of course under wraps. The official filing is being kept confidential in order to protect “compelling government interest”. The state’s motion also contends the documents were irrelevant but could pose a threat to Cole receiving a fair trial because they would generate media interest.

Jennifer Carroll is Florida’s 18th Lieutenant Governor. She is the first female elected as Lieutenant Governor in Florida and the first African-American elected Statewide. She was a state legislator for over seven years, a small business owner, former Executive Director of Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs and a Navy veteran. Carroll is an example of the American Dream come true. In addition to her duties assisting the Governor with economic development, Carroll oversees the Florida Department of Military Affairs, Florida Department of Veterans Affairs, Governor Designee on the Florida Defense Support Task Force and also serves as Chairperson of Space Florida.

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