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Get Your Place Game for Lawyers and Professionals

Lawyers are the USA Allstars playing an amazing part in the game of law, which would not exist in a perfect world. Many of you work to make the world more perfect. The game that will be played to Get Your Place positioned on in the labeled area is going to be a game to make the world more perfect☺

Beaches Habitat for Humanity (Habitat) is currently starting a new program. The program brings in mentors and tutors for ALL children in the community to meet, study with and help give guidance to kids as they come up. The Beaches Habitat Education Program has been successful this last year, with results proven by better grades and higher SAT and ACT scores from the students. The more advanced juniors and seniors, who use a local volunteer engineer for advanced algebra and calculus help, are helping to tutor younger students. EVERYONE works together.

Back to the game… To Get Your Place positioned on the site and play the game. There will be an algorithm (developed by the same engineer helping to set up the new Beaches Habitat Education Program) that allows smaller firms and even individuals to play, while the big dogs have their own arena set aside.

The rules of Get Your Place:

1. The game and all rules are subject to change at any time as I, James Hilliard, see fit. I make the rules. If you play the game, you are a player. If you play the game you accept and agree that I, James Hilliard will not be held liable for any loss you may incur playing the game. If a court of law decides I am liable, you agree that I am only liable to you for compensation, whether money or otherwise, equal to what I, James Hilliard profited from your playing the game (See rule 2). I write this to protect Habitat from any situation where a donation may be made to them through this game from a player. All donations processed by Beaches Habitat for Humanity are final and subject to their guidelines. They don’t know this game exists yet. It doesn’t matter. It is my game. I make the rules☺

2. The current intent of the game is to ONLY use/ donate money or resources used playing the game for the Habitat Education Program, but please refer to rule 1. The day may come that Beaches Habitat’s belly is full and another chosen non-profit or charity may be chosen☺ James Hilliard will never touch the donated money and players who win the game through bidding or otherwise competing will give all money directly to Beaches Habitat for Humanity: Education Program. After which time, they will receive their picture/ ad/ approved material in the designated Get Your Place position.

3. Players will play the game to get the best positions with money, time and other weighted factors that will allow smaller law firms or even individuals to compete for the highest positions of Get Your Place, even though they may not have the most money.

4. There will be two of every numbered position of Get Your Place. Two ones, Two twos, Two threes, Two fours and so on as determined and labeled on the site.

5. Using the ideal, the one who gives all they have, though it is little, is greater than the one who gives a lot, but keeps more, one of the positions will be filled. The time spent working with students to teach them about school subjects or to be a mentor is priceless for the kids. Using an algorithm involving multiple variables, including hours volunteered, distance traveled, money donated, other support such as awareness and donation gathering, the position of our individual competitors and smaller companies will be filled based on the ideal described.

6. Let the thunder roll and the big dogs have their day. The second of the same position is open game and green is the name. Show Habitat the largest donation of money toward the Beaches Habitat for Humanity: Education Program and you win the game that month.

That is it. That is the Get Your Place game. Please Contact Us by email at for more information and to play Get Your Place. You may also call him at (904) 274 0787.

Remember. Though it may be a little easier, using cash or check to make donations gives all the funds to the charity, while using credit cards gives a % to the banks☺


Question: If I volunteer time with the kids throughout the month, how will I know if I will qualify for the next month’s position?

Answer:  You won’t.  BUT  I can make a new spot if I want.  My game…

Question: You have 2 places labeled “1” on the header of the site.  Who gets to choose which place they want for the month?

Answer: The least of the two.

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