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While the full truth of the police corruption in Florida proven by the Allied Veteran’s case is being hidden from media and the public, the following may be another case where the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is not protecting citizens, but rather themselves. As you will see below Jeremy Banks certainly had things to hide from Florida Law enforcement. Excerpts from court documents show he was very concerned about his email and phone records.

Case History | Michelle O’connell | Suicide or Murder

In 2010 St. Augustine resident Michelle O’connell died from a bullet that came from police officer, Jeremy Banks’ gun. Now, 3 years later, eyes around the nation are being turned to focus on the case again. Initially ruled suicide, there are 2 witnesses who say they heard O’Connell scream for help, and we have recently learned about emails circulating that may point more evidence towards a murder rather than a suicide. We will release the emails after consulting with attorneys on possible implications in future trials of Jeremy Banks, the St Johns County Sheriff deputy who may have killed Michelle O’connell.

A petition from is being circulated by Ciara Morris is asking Florida State Attorney, Brad King to bring the case and the evidence against Jeremy Banks to a grand jury. According to the petition:

On September 2, 2010 Michelle O’connell became a victim to domestic violence. Florida Department of law enforcement has found an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to homicide at the hands of her boyfriend who is a police officer at St. Johns County Sherriff’s Department. Michelle’s friends and family were asked to keep this case quite for nearly 2 years while the investigation was done and now 2 years later we are told that Brad King will not take this case to a Grand Jury. The findings of this case warrant a grand jury. There are witnesses that have passed Secret Service/FBI issued polygraph tests stating that they heard screams for help, Two shots were fired (one into the ground next to Michelle) Jeremy’s police issue service weapon was used to commit the crime, Jeremy had worn the gun to work that day yet no DNA or fingerprints were on the weapon, no blood was on the gun although the blood spatter expert states there should have been, the gun was found in the cocked position, Michelle would have had to use her left hand to fire the weapon although she was a right handed person, Michelle was packing to leave when she was shot, Michelle sent a text to her sister stating she was leaving to get her daughter and less than 5 minutes later was shot and killed. Florida Department of Law enforcement has requested an inquest into Michelle’s death and State Attorney Brad King has ignored it, FDLE was called in to do the investigation and if their findings warrant a grand jury why are we denied one?

The New York Times recently took the charge of helping seek justice for Michelle O’connell. Following their lead has also began pressuring the FDLE and other Florida Law officials for a full investigation. News 4 Jax is reporting that Jeremy Banks was able to use the corrupt Florida law enforcement agency to access the investigative file before being interviewed by a detective. As anyone familiar with the legal system would know, having this file would give Jeremy Banks an extreme advantage during any type of questioning.

Florida Attorney, Robert L McLeod II may protect bad cops

In response to the recent investigation by the NYT, Jeremy Banks Florida Attorney, Robert L McLeod II, filed a Complaint with the St Johns County Circuit Court on behalf of Deputy Jeremy Banks and against the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and its agent, Rusty Rodgers on November 13, 2013.

Excerpts of the document are below and they show that the Banks’ legal team certainly had something they wanted to hide.  Imagine a loved one you know committed suicide. Would you have any issues with allowing law enforcement access to your email or phone records if you had done nothing wrong?

The Complaint sues FDLE and Rodgers for their behavior and actions in violation of Jeremy Banks’ constitutional and civil rights, their malicious prosecution and false arrest of Banks and the negligent supervision of Rodgers by the FDLE involving the investigation.

The then supervisor of Rodgers, Dominick Pape, has since left the FDLE and Rodgers is suspended pending the outcome of an investigation into his behavior and tactics in the matter by William Cervone, State Attorney for the 8th Judicial Circuit who Governor Scott appointed by Executive Order to investigate the issues.

The complaint continues:

19. Defendant, Agent Rodgers, violated Plaintiff Jeremy Banks’ Fourth Amendment right to be free from unlawful search and seizure.

21. Based upon the fabricated and misrepresented evidence set forth in Agent Rodgers’ affidavits, the Court issued two search warrants granting authority to search those premises and seize any computer hardware and software found therein, and to conduct a search of such hardware for the described evidence.

22. Agent Rodgers executed these searches and seizures pursuant to the warrants
which were unlawfully obtained.

23. Additionally, Agent Rodgers conducted an interview of Jeremy Banks at PDLE’s Jacksonville office on April 14,201 I. At the conclusion of the interview, after being threatened by Rodgers and being told by Rodgers he had (non-existent) “evidence” against him, Banks, fearful of an . injustice about to occur, asserted his constitutional right to an attorney. Immediately thereafter, Agent Rodgers unlawfully and physically seized Banks’ iPhone from his person in order to conduct a forensic download.

24. Agent Rodgers specifically advised Jeremy Banks he had a warrant to seize and search his iPhone; however, no search warrant authorizing Agent Rodgers to seize and search Bank’s cellular phone existed. Rodgers simply lied. He also purposely and knowingly exceeded the scope of the warrant he had already obtained through false pretenses and representations.

Banks and his attorney, Robert L McLeod II claim there has been serious emotional distress caused by the investigating agent Rodgers. It will be interesting to see how the NYT story unfolds and we will publish what are being called damning emails asap.

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