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Are you pregnant and considering adoption?

Sometimes pregnant women are not ready to be a mom. They are faced with a difficult decision between adoption and abortion. Only you can decide what’s right for your baby. The following are common questions a pregnant woman wants answers to while they consider adoption.

If you would like to speak to someone about the process you can call 1.800.251.0497 or visit

1. Who can I talk to for more information about adoption? LogoIt does not matter how far along your pregnancy is, or if you have already given birth, there is a team of professionals ready to help you at Adoption Jacksonville.

When you contact, Adoption professionals or attorneys will help you determine if adopting is you and your child’s best option. The team will answer any of your questions, show you profiles of families looking for a child to adopt, and if you decide to start the adoption process, they will begin helping you create your adoption plan.

2. How much does putting a baby up for adoption cost?

When you decide to place your child with a new family, it does not cost you anything. The services that you can receive from are free and you will also receive money for adoption to cover medical expenses, legal expenses, counseling, relocation and housing, food, clothing, and more.

3. Can I pick who adopts my baby?

Choosing the family that will adopt your baby is probably the best part of the adoption process. Your adoption team will allow you to view family profiles and even contact the families that interest you the most.

If you only want to work with families in Jacksonville, the attorneys and adoption agency will only include them. If you want your child to be raised with a specific religious background, it is your choice.

4. Can I talk to the family before I pick them?

YES! There are many different ways for you to get to know the families before you make your decision, including:

Phone Calls – Your adoption team will help you contact the families that you are interested in.

Email – If you are nervous about speaking with the family, you can choose to use email.

Visitation – Meeting prospective parents in-person may be the best option!

Facebook – Facebook is a great way for you to look into the family home. Check out the adoption professionals Facebook page here:

5. Can I be a part of my child’s life?

An “open adoption” allows birth parents to be a part of their baby’s life as they grow up.

You can choose to communicate with the adopting family through letters and pictures, phone calls, and if you set it up in your adoption plan, you can visit the family and your child.

6. Do families wanting to adopt receive background checks?

Florida law requires that men and women who want to adopt a baby go through extensive background checks. Through an extensive home study process, the family must complete criminal, medical and financial background checks.

7. Will my baby grow up angry if I choose adoption?

When a birth mother chooses adoption it is typically in the best interest of the child. The adoption teams provide counseling for the adopting family and the birth mother that help them address the issue. Most adopted children grow up to love their birth parents and understand that the decision was made to give them the best life possible.

As the child grows up they will understand that the other options would not have been in their best interest. Because of the choice their mother made they were able to have a good, safe home, a better education and a financially stable environment.

In the past adopted children were not properly informed. Today we know that simple, direct honesty is the best option.

8. Will an adopting family give my baby the same love a biological mom would?

Adoptive parents almost always try hard to have children of their own, but because of infertility or other reason, they cannot. The struggle they face typically creates a very strong desire to have, and love, a baby.

Most adopted children have very blessed lives, filled with opportunities that they would have never had without adoption.

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Attorneys from Around the Nation

We would like to thank the following list of lawyers and legal professionals from around the world for their dedication and hard work!  Thank you from Jacksonville Lawyer Help
San Francisco DUI Defense attorney Aaron Bortel is committed to provide dedicated legal representation for DUI cases in California.
California DUI Defense Attorney Aaron Bortel is committed to serve the people charged with DUI throughout entire bay area.
Alexis Izquierdo, P.A. specializes in personal injury law varying from minor car accidents to catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths that arise from the gross negligence of third parties.
Andrew Stine is a skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer in West Palm Beach with over a decade of experience helping men and women in tough situations.
At Brian M. Douglas & Associates LLC. our goal is to help our clients develop and maintain estate plans that accomplish their specific objectives.

Turner Vaught Bankruptcy is a locally owned, operated, and focused organization, committed to helping the people of Horry County & Georgetown County gain control over their financial future.
David Hagen and Mark Sharf are dedicated to providing consistent, thorough, ethical, and compassionate legal services to our clients. When you are ready to begin reclaiming your financial life in the wake of serious financial hardship, call us.
Montrose Law, is a multi service law firm that handles a wide variety of clients in Las Cruces, New Mexico with legal matters including: Criminal Law, Personal Injury, DUI Defense, and Divorce.
Heriberto Ramos is a Texas Lawyer raised in West Texas with West Texas values. He specializes in Personal Injury, 18 Wheeler Accidents and Auto Accidents.
One of Ohio’s best law firms, Hunt Law LLC. has built its reputation on outstanding results for its clients. Our focus is to deliver best quality legal services at a fair cost; to develop a long-term relationship with our clients while being an instrumental part of each client’s success
Law Office of Amy Chapman is committed to provide compassionate and dedicated legal representation for all types of criminal cases in California.
The Lawyers at Law Office Of Phillips and Worthington, P.A. provide compassionate and personalized legal representation for personal injury cases in Maryland.
Attorney Barry Boches provides personalized legal representation for criminal defense, DWI and personal injury lawyers in Illinois.
Benjamin G. Kelsen Esq. LLC provides efficient legal representation for Criminal Defense & DWI Defense Cases in NJ.
DWI/DUI Defense Attorney Ben Kelsen practices DWI Defense in all New Jersey courtrooms and is adept at getting an acquittal or dismissal or reduction.
Bowen Law Group provides efficient legal representation for Criminal Cases, Family Law & Civil Cases in Denton, Texas.
Peagler & Hollett, LLC is a full service law firm where attorneys with their extensive experience provide strong and Aggressive defense against DUI.
Based in Salt Lake City, Frees Law, P.L.L.C., serves clients charged with any crime throughout all of Salt Lake County, Utah.
Geno Law Firm, P.C. provides Dedicated and Efficient Legal representation for DWI, Criminal Defense, Immigration & Tax Issues in Fairfax, Virginia. Call.
The criminal defense law firm of Manchester & Associates defends criminal cases throughout the State of Pennsylvania. At Manchester and Associates, we understand when people find themselves accused or charged with a crime, they have numerous questions about the PA judicial system.
Brian Douglas Sloan, Esq. has spent his entire career focused on DUI and Vehicular Related offenses in Arizona, having represented over 1,500 DUI clients.
As experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers, Brian Sloan know that even a Misdemeanor can have a devastating effect upon your life. In our practice, there is no such thing as a simple criminal matter.
As a former New Jersey Municipal Prosecutor and a former New York City Prosecutor I am fortunate to have unique experiences that few other criminal defense attorneys, DWI attorneys and DUI lawyers can claim because I have viewed cases from both sides of the fence.
Law Office of Carl Spector provides efficient legal representation for all types of DWI and Criminal Defense Cases throughout New York & New Jersey.
ourt practices all types of criminal and bankruptcy law, however, he has focused his practice on DUI defense, drug possession, record expungement.
Attorney David Luu is committed to provide personalized legal representation for Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Business litigation and Real Estate.
Law Office Of David P.Salter provides strong and aggressive legal representation for DUI and Criminal Cases in Gainesville, Florida.
Ed Orr, attorney at law, practices General Litigation Law, representing clients in the areas of Personal Injury, Family Law, and Criminal Defense in Columbia.
New York DWI Attorney Eric Sachs practices criminal defense law and assists those accused of alcohol related traffic offenses, including misdemeanors and felonies.In addition to excellent legal representation, Attorney Sachs extends personalized customer service to all his clients.
The Law Offices of Heriberto Ramos is dedicated to provide personalized and compassionate representation for Auto Accident cases throughout Texas.
Las Oficinas Legales de Heriberto Ramos se dedica a proveer representación personalizada y compasivo para casos de accidentes automovilísticos en todo Texas.
The Law Offices of Ira M. Perlman and Robert D. Rosen have over 25 years of New York personal injury lawyer experience. We are here to help.
Jack mainly focuses in the area of criminal defense (including felonies, misdemeanors, DWIs and other motor vehicle violations) and juvenile delinquency matters. He has over 33 years experience handling personal injury matters (including motor vehicle accidents and slip-and-falls) as well.
Attorney James A. Abate practices Criminal Defense, DWI Defense, Business Litigation, Real Estate and Personal injury cases in Union County, New Jersey.
Attorney James Logan provides dedicated and personalized legal representation for bankruptcy and foreclosure cases in Baltimore, MD.
The divorce and family law attorneys at our law firm have more than 50 years of combined experience. We are committed to aggressively representing our client’s interests.
At the Ryder Law Firm we have accomplished this objective without compromising our core values.
Sammons & Berry, P.C., is a law firm committed to fighting for the rights of individual clients and their families who have been victims of asbestos exposure and personal injury.
The attorney at Blackwell Law Offices, PLLC is committed to provide aggressive legal representation for criminal, DUI and personal injury matter throughout Arizona.
21+ years of Arizona Criminal Defense. Acacia Law can help fight your criminal and DUI case in Tempe, Arizona.
Arizona defense attorney, Derek Zazueta, has been serving the Phoenix Metropolitan area in criminal defense for the past 16 years. Mr. Zazueta gained valuable experience and knowledge working in the Office of the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office prior to joining the ACACIA LAW GROUP.
Jonathan R. Sills Criminal Defense Attorney in Connecticut handles criminal matters in every Geographical Area (G.A.) Court in Connecticut.
Personal Injury Lawyer Alexandria VA is our specialty at Nova Legal Group, P.C. for clients in Northern Virginia. We have nearly 30 years of experience handling criminal defense and personal injury cases for Alexandria residents. Contact us today for your free consultation.
Attorney Keith Miller helps people fight their DUI and Criminal charges throughout Mississippi.
Ellmann & Ellmann, P.C. are Castle Rock Colorado Lawyers who have successfully handled criminal defense and family law matters. We offer our experience, compassion, and confidentiality to every client we represent.
Leckerman Law is dedicated to aggressive and creative DUI / DWI defense in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
I’ve handled over 1,000 DUI / DWI cases during my career (Experience is essential in having the best advocate for fighting your charges.
Attorney Lee F. Berlin is an experienced DUI Defense Lawyer helping Tulsa, Oklahoma people facing DUI Charges.
Law Office Of Mark Rosenfeld provides strong and aggressive legal representation for DUI Cases in Beverly Hills, CA. Call for free initial consultation.
The Bankruptcy Doctor Attorney Michael Shovan is experienced in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Business Bankruptcy Law Services.
At our firm, we take an aggressive and initiatory stance in pursuing justice for our wounded clients. We have more than 30 years of experience in helping our clients through some of the most difficult times in their lives.
Criminal defense lawyer Paul J. Tafelski will fight for your rights in criminal cases, drunk driving (DUI, DWI) cases and traffic cases.
New York Real Estate Attorney Matthew K. Tannenbaum represents both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate on Long Island and throughout the New York metro area. He also represents lending institutions, title companies, and real estate investors.
Attorney Matthew L. Nebeker provides strong and aggressive legal representation for DUI cases in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Utah Drug Charges Defense Attorney Matthew Nebeker has been helping people charged with drug crimes for over 10 years.
Law Offices Of Michael L. Hanks serves people who need legal assistance in their Litigation and Estate Planning in California.
Michael H. Joseph is a New York injury attorney and a Partner at the Law Offices of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC. He has devoted his career to representing people who were hurt in accidents at construction sites and other locations. Many claims that arise in these situations are based on negligence.
At the Law Office of Michael Kramer in White Plains, New York you will find a criminal lawyer with over 30 year experience in Westchester and Putnam Counties and beyond. He is well versed in all the wrinkles and imperfections of the criminal justice system.
At the Munoz Law Office we foster comfort and trust in our relationships with our clients. While other law firms all claim to be the most aggressive, we utilize real criminal law trial experience combined with superior negotiation skills and thorough case investigation to get you the best results.
The Munoz Law Office, P.C. focuses on defending those accused of committing criminal or DUI offenses. Our law firm understands that good people get arrested.
Motorcycle Accidents can occur anywhere at any time and may involve people other than the motorcyclist, such as a pedestrian, a motorist or an innocent bystander.
Attorney Nicholas K. Lowe serves people who need legal assistance in their Personal Injury matters throughout Califonia.
Facing a criminal charge is ALWAYS a serious matter requiring serious defense. My Overland Park, Kansas, criminal defense practice takes every case seriously. As an experienced Johnson County Criminal Defense lawyer, I know that even a misdemeanor can have a devastating effect upon your life. In my practice, there is no such thing as a simple criminal matter.
The Law Office of Paul S. Geller is committed to provide aggressive and uncompromising criminal & DUI defense representation throughout Los Angeles
The Law Offices of Paul S. Geller will do whatever we can to bring the best possible resolution to your case. As a former Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County, Paul S. Geller gained a reputation of being one of the toughest, most successful trial lawyers within their office.
Attorney Paul J. Tafelski is committed to provide strong and efficient Criminal Defense and Family Law representation across all major counties of Michigan.
At The Borges Law Firm, PLLC, we take the time to understand your case and thoroughly explain how our services can benefit you.
The Law Offices of Samuel L. Sachs is prepared to defend you in all 21 New Jersey counties.
As NJ criminal defense attorneys, lawyers Samuel Sachs and Lauren Scardella are always practical and forthright in their analysis of your case. For an effective defense, rely on our experience.
Munoz Law Office Fight Your Criminal Charges in Maricopa County.
Steven J. Brown Attorney At Law provides help and assistance to their clients throughout the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and Orange County areas.
At the law offices of Ellmann & Ellmann, P.C., we combine experience and knowledge in representing clients on criminal and DUI offenses in and around the Castle Rock area.
The Munoz Law Office, P.C. focuses on defending those accused of committing criminal or DUI offenses. Our law firm understands that good people get arrested.We are committed to defending our clients aggressively to get the best possible resolution of their case.
Attorney Steven A. Tomeo, a member of the National College of DUI Defense and the Connecticut Bar Association, is an attorney with an extraordinary staff that handles Connecticut drunk driving defense cases.
The Attorneys of Vincent W. Davis & Associates offer our clients the combination of skill experience and dedication that our clients can rely on during times of real need.
Will has practiced in the area of Personal Injury Law for over twenty years. He has successfully litigated every variety of personal injury cases, including auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, traumatic brain injuries, wrongful deaths, medical malpractice, slip and falls, nursing home abuse, product liability, oil field accidents and insurance bad faith and, doing so, has successfully recovered several millions of dollars for his clients.
The Attorneys at Estate Plan Strategies, LLC assist clients with Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Revocable Trusts, Tax Planning, Asset Protection, Special Needs Planning, Charitable Giving, Probate and Estate Administration, Elder Law, Medicaid Planning, and Business Succession Planning.
If you’ve been injured in an accident in Southern California, get legal help from Sailer Law Firm, APC.
San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorney Rick Flume focuses his practice exclusively on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and serves clients throughout Texas.
Get help from Steven F. Bliss for all of your Estate Planning and Probate cases based in San Diego and surrounding areas.
Stephen Boutros Ltd. is dedicated to provide strong legal representation for all types of personal injury cases throughout Harris County, Texas.

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Process of Getting a Divorce in Florida

In Florida, any person can file for divorce without having to allege that their spouse indulged in some specific wrongdoing. Nevertheless, courts in Florida can consider allegations of ‘fault’ or wrongdoing when they are considering the amount of alimony to award. However, in order to file for divorce in Florida, at least one spouse has to be a resident of the state for six months before the filing.

There are two main ways of dissolving your marriage: simplified dissolution and regular dissolution. The former is the easier and quicker way to end the marriage and can be done if the couple meets all of the following requirements:

  • Wife is not pregnant
  • No minor children or dependents are part of the story
  • At least one spouse has been a resident for the past six months
  • Both spouses agree to the divorce
  • Both spouses have filed financial affidavits
  • Both spouses have agreed to division of assets
  • Neither one is seeking alimony

In addition, both parties need to agree to give up their right to a trial and must file all necessary documents before appearing before the judge who will file for the divorce.

The regular dissolution starts when one of the spouses files a petition for dissolution which states that the marriage is broken and specifies their preference for the division of assets, custody, child support and alimony.

Most of the time, the couple can agree on the factors of their divorce and can proceed to signing a settlement agreement. Other times, couple disagree on certain points and may have to attend mediation to help them reach a proposed plan for agreement. This can be helpful because it can save the couple from a long court procedure. Sometimes, it is very difficult for couples to agree on any of the factors of divorce especially when the divorce has been especially unpleasant. In this situation, a trial must happen. This process is long and expensive but each spouse gets the right to obtain documents about the other spouse’s wealth, income, assets and liabilities as well as to question and cross question them in the witness stand.

Property Division and Alimony

Divorce laws in Florida provide for ‘equitable’ division of property and wealth which means that all facts of the case are considered to reach a fair decision. This happens often in conjunction with alimony awards when any one of the spouse has requested it based on their financial need and the other spouse’s ability to pay. A number of relevant factors are considered at this point including length of marriage and standards of living during the time the couple was married, financial resources of both spouses and their respective contribution towards their home.

Divorce laws also allow for both parents to share the responsibilities of a child preferably with both parents reaching an agreement. While one parent’s residence may be the primary one for the child, the other parent is allowed sufficient visitation and contact. However, all decisions are made keeping the child’s best interests in mind.

It is always best to seek legal guidance if the divorce process seems to be complicated or if the laws seem confusing. An experienced Florida divorce attorney can lessen the emotional and financial burden of divorce proceedings and ensure that you get what you are entitled to.

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Adoption Lawyer Offering Free Pregnancy Tests

Law firms are offering free pregnancy tests to women who may be pregnant. The lawyers have learned while working on Jacksonville & Florida adoption cases that far too often women cannot afford the test to determine if they may be having a baby.

In addition to obtaining a free pregnancy test, women are able to learn more about adoptions and the various options available under Florida law for expecting mothers.

Considering Adoption? Know Your Options and Get a Free Pregnancy Test.

Why choose adoption?

There are many reasons women put children up for adoption and every situation is unique. Reasons such as not being ready for kids, no father figure in the picture, or not being able to support a child, in general, are all valid reasons. If you have chosen to put your baby up for adoption, there are a lot of options for you!

Steps to putting a child up for adoption.

Confirm you are pregnant. We offer free tests!

First and foremost, there will need to be confirmation that you are in fact pregnant. Once this has been confirmed, you will need to take optimal care of yourself, for you and your child’s well-being. Throughout your pregnancy, you will need to discontinue the use of all drugs and alcohol and your physician will further instruct you on any other information you will need to have a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Getting financial help for your pregnancy.

Now that you’ve established a plan as far as your pregnancy, you can now take steps toward the adoption process. Before you do anything you will need to decide if adoption is really the option you wanted to take. Once decided, you will be advised of all the options you have to proceed in the adoption process. An attorney can assist you in analyzing your financial situation and determining the type of government programs that will be beneficial to you throughout the adoption process. They can also help to find housing and resources such as food, supplies, and even maternity clothing as needed. You will also have access to counseling throughout your pregnancy and after birth.

Choosing from the adoption options and developing your plan.

You will be able to choose what type of adoption you would prefer. There are 3 different options to choose from while determining your adoption plan.

Open Adoption, Semi-open and Closed

If you choose an open adoption, you will be able to contact the adoptive family and the child. You will be able to call, receive pictures, and see your child, according to the terms you and the adoptive family agree to. If you chose semi-open adoption, you will be able to receive pictures and some updates, and phone calls. For closed adoption, you will get no contact with the adoptive family or the child at all. Information about the birth-parents and adoptive parents will not be shared.

Choosing your child’s adoptive parents.

Depending on what you choose, you may hand-select the family that adopts your child. The agency in which you decided to run your adoption through, will update you and give you information about adoptive families. Some hopeful adoptive parents will create a book, pamphlet, or some other form of autobiography for birth-mothers to look over and decide what family they want their child to go with. After you choose which family would best-suit the criteria you want for your child, you will be able to sit down with the family or have a phone interview.

Staying in touch with your child’s new family.

Many birth moms find that they form a connection with an adoptive family after seeing their profile and learning about the family dynamic. Once you have decided on a family, you can choose to have an in-person meeting or a phone interview with them. During this conversation, you will be able to get to know the family better and let them know your wishes during the rest of the process. You should be aware that the adoptive family will be very nervous and anxious during your first meetings, but feel free to address any concerns you might have.

Birth and Beyond!

Once the baby is born, you will be allowed to spend time with the child. Once the termination papers have been signed you will still have your adoption counselor at your aid to help with any emotional stress you might have afterward. They will also contact you with photos and letter of your child at least once a year or at the frequency, you and the adoptive family agree to. You may get in contact with mothers who have also put their children up for adoption for emotional support and local support groups.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about adoption that you might have.

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Roof Replacement Safety Laws

A dangerous, steep roof picture.Replacing a roof can be dangerous work, but with the appropriate protection measures in place, the risk of life-threatening falls can be significantly reduced. As a result, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has set strict laws for safety that roofing companies must adhere to.

Risks of Roof Replacement

According to the OSHA Fact Sheet, “more than one-third of fall deaths in residential construction are caused by falls from roofs.”  Whether demolishing an old roof or installing new asphalt shingles, even the most experienced roofers, like North Florida Roofing in Jacksonville, FL, are exposed to unpredictable hazards caused by loose materials, slick surfaces, or sudden gusts of wind.  With the risk of permanent injury or death from falls, having appropriate fall protection measures in place is vital to saving lives.

Safety and Health Regulations for Construction

According to OSHA standard number 1926.501, it is required for roofing employers to provide fall protection systems that comply with the criteria set forth in standard 1926.502, which includes guard rails, safety net and personal fall arrest systems, positioning device systems, warning line systems, controlled access zones, safety monitoring systems and covers.

For example, OSHA Roofing Standard 1926.501(b)(13) states:

“Residential construction. Each employee engaged in residential construction activities 6 feet (1.8 m) or more above lower levels shall be protected by guardrail systems, safety net system, or personal fall arrest system unless another provision in paragraph (b) of this section provides for an alternative fall protection measure. Exception: When the employer can demonstrate that it is infeasible or creates a greater hazard to use these systems, the employer shall develop and implement a fall protection plan which meets the requirements of paragraph (k) of 1926.502.”

In addition, employers must provide a training program for each worker who might be exposed to hazards.

Jacksonville, Florida Building Code Compliance

The Building Inspection Division in Duval County is responsible for ensuring that roofing contractors comply with the Florida Building Codes and Jacksonville’s building ordinances. The codes and ordinances require that OSHA regulations are followed and allows local authorities to enforce the laws/ codes.

Effects on Roofing Companies

The ever tightening laws around roofing safety have significantly increased the cost of doing business.  The safety systems and training required make an expensive barrier to entry for new roofing businesses.  In addition, the fines imposed by OSHA for violations are so steep that they can literally bankrupt even well established roofers.  As a result, many reputable companies like North Florida Roofing have implemented their own roofing safety standards that go above and beyond OSHA requirements.

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Divorce Lawyer, Jacksonville FL | Fletcher and Phillips

Fletcher and Phillips Law Firm Image

Divorce Lawyers

Jacksonville family law firm, Fletcher & Phillips serves the needs of clients who seek to divorce or change the terms of a divorce through modification. The attorneys also work with adoptions and numerous other areas of law. 

Jacksonville Florida’s Featured Divorce Attorney

Fletcher and Phillips divorce and family law firm was established in 1985 and is now in it’s 30th year. The divorce attorneys are very experienced in dissolution of marriage trial litigation. The law firms is also well equiped to handle negotiations and mediation for clients. The team can also handle legal modifications to divorce agreements such as child visitations (time-sharing) and support.

Divorce Mediation, Litigation and Modifications

Starting with the initial conference Fletcher and Phillips’ attorneys and staff will collect and study information with the purpose of going to trial. Litigation (going to trial) should be a last resort, and they will make every effort to set the tone for successful negotiation through mediation. If mediation and negotiations fail to settle the divorce agreements, Fletcher and Phillips can be trusted to protect your rights in a Duval County family court trial.

Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Friday, and Ms. O’Connor have extensive experience and recognition in matters of Florida divorce law.

Lyman T. Fletcher

Mr. Fletcher is Board Certified in Marital, Family Law and is also a Certified Family Law Mediator. He was City Commissioner and then Mayor of Atlantic Beach, FL, past chairman and board member of Town Center Association, and served as 1st Lt., Intelligence Branch, US Army, 1964-1966.

Michael R. Phillips

Attorney Michael Phillips concentrates his practice on complex divorce cases, child custody, business valuations, and military issues. He is former Assistant District Legal Counsel for the Florida Department of Children and Families in both St. Johns and Duval Counties in Florida.

Eric J. Friday

Eric Friday is a member of the Florida Family Law Inns of Court and licensed to practice in both the State of Florida and the State of Alabama. Prior to joining Fletcher and Phillips he practiced both with a complex personal injury firm as well as owning his own practice dealing with personal injury, consumer protection and criminal defense.

Marisa O’Connor

A Jacksonville native, Marisa was a high school AP English teacher before starting her legal career. Marisa obtained her law degree from Florida Coastal School of Law and is admitted to the U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida.


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Florida Marijuana Laws May Change Soon

Jacksonville Drug Lawyer

It seems as though the issue of legalizing medical marijuana in Florida is constantly in the news. Last month, I wrote an article on the Jacksonville lawyers website about about a Jacksonville law firm claiming that medical marijuana is legal.  The claim is based on the medical necessity defense. I stated it before, and I will say it again. You do not want to be caught in possession of marijuana relying on the defense that you need it due to medical reasons. More than likely, you will still be arrested. You will still need to hire a Jacksonville criminal lawyer to defend you against the Florida drug charge. You do not want to put yourself in this position. That being said, medical cannabis could become legal in Florida. As you may recall, the issue of legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes was on the ballot last November. While the majority of voters supported the proposed amendment, this was not enough to pass the constitutional amendment under Florida law. This does not mean that that the debate is over and that medical marijuana will never be legal in the state of Florida. Look at Georgia.

WSB-TV in Atlanta GA reported that “Governor Nathan Deal has made medical marijuana legal in Georgia.” He signed the bill allowing the use of cannabis oil, under certain circumstances, for the following medical conditions:

  • Seizure disorders related to diagnosis of epilepsy or trauma related head injuries.
  • Multiple Sclerosis, when such diagnosis is severe or end stage.
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Mitochondrial Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease, when such diagnosis is severe or end stage.
  • Sickle Cell Disease, when such diagnosis is severe or end stage.

This does not mean that all medical marijuana is legal in Georgia. “State health officials say doctors will have to sign off and submit required forms.”  The news article further stated:

“The Department of Public Health will be working with law enforcement to make sure the system is secure and that officers know what to look for when they come across a patient possessing the oil…. Approved Georgia patients will be allowed to possess 20 ounces of the low THC oil at any given time.  THC is the chemical in marijuana that causes a high. It is still illegal to grow marijuana in Georgia, meaning families will have to transport the drug from states like Colorado.”

How will this affect Florida’s marijuana laws? Technically, Georgia and Florida are each their own sovereign states. The laws in one state do not control the other state. That being said, I would think that Florida’s legislature would use the laws of other states as examples for Florida’s laws. A day before the Georgia medical marijuana article was released, WFSU reported that the Florida House of Representatives was involved in a heated debate over the use of medical cannabis for terminally-ill patients:

“Rep. Ray Pilon (R-Sarasota) presented the House floor with a bill that would allow terminally ill patients to use experimental medications as treatment. Pilon says the measure would also cover liability concerns…. The drugs must be identified in at least the first phase of FDA testing. And Pilon says Florida would be the 12th state to approve the measure…. But things got tense when Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Shalimar) attempted to amend the bill to add medical cannabis as an option for terminally-ill patients. Rep. John Wood (R-Winter Haven) sponsored a bill at the start of session that sought to legalize certain kinds of medical marijuana for suffering patients. The measure was filed jointly with Representative Greg Steube who said patients could use marijuana only if it is not smoked. But Wood says Gaetz’ amendment is an overreach…. And although Gaetz withdrew the medical cannabis clause, marijuana legislation could still see the light before the end of session. A bill to reform the state’s low-THC cannabis law was temporarily postponed on the Senate floor Wednesday.”


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How much does it cost for a divorce in Florida?

The following information was provided by Kristin Fields, a paralegal for Lauren Kingry Law, PA in Jacksonville Florida.

Costs of a Divorce without an Attorney

The cost of a divorce can very depending on the issues. The filing fee in the State of Florida is $409.00. If the opposing party needs to be served there is an additional $10.00 fee for a Summons to be issued. There is no way around these charges and they are mandatory for everyone.

Attorney Cost

The cost of an attorney can depend on if the case is contested or uncontested.

Contested and Uncontested Divorces

If the parties agree and there are no major assets and there are no children issues then the cost can be very minimal plus filing fees. If the case is a contested divorce and there are complex issues, a division of major assets such as a business and/or real estate or the parties can simply not agree then the cost of the divorce can go up substantially depending on how the parties are relating to each other.

Other Expenses During a Divorce

There are also other costs involved if the parties have children, then there can possibly be costs of parenting coordinators or home evaluations if the parties are fighting over a majority timesharing arrangement. Other costs not included in attorney’s fees are the costs of mediation and depositions. The mediator and the court reporter have additional fees that you will have to pay out of pocket on the scheduled day. These fees can be reduced depending on the mediator, however, the mediator is a specialist and will be picked based on your assets and issues.

The cost of your divorce cannot be determined up front. At Lauren Kingry Law, PA we go over all the possible issues with a client and give them an estimate based on the information provided. You may call us to schedule a consultation to discuss your case at 904.722.3333 or email:

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How to give a child up for adoption? There are options!

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, there are numerous options for you to consider. With help from attorneys who will work for free for you, you can choose the family who adopts your child.

Adoption and Family Law Attorneys

There are four types of adoptions:

  • Private Adoption
  • Step-Parent Adoption
  • Relative Adoption
  • Dependency Adoption

For pregnant women seeking a private adoption, Chapter 63 of the Florida Statutes governs and the adoptions are very meticulous. They require attention to every detail.

There are numerous reasons that parents may give up their child to adoption. The difficult decision is often made during an emotional time.

Are you pregnant and thinking about placing your baby for adoption?

Being well-informed may help you feel better about whatever decision you make. Whether it is to place your child for adoption or to parent your child yourself. The following provides information about adoption that may help you in exploring your options. Others who are affected by adoption decisions, such as expectant fathers and other relatives, also may find this information useful for answering their questions.

Understanding Adoption

Adoption is a process with legal, social, and emotional aspects in which children who will not be raised by their birth parents become permanent legal members of another family. When it comes to adoption, there is no one right decision for everyone. Understanding adoption, including why others choose adoption or not and its long-term impact—may help you figure out what’s right for you and your child.

When do I have to make my decision?

Laws require that the final decision to place a child for adoption be made after the baby is born. After considering your options, prepare for the adoption by selecting a licensed adoption agency or adoption lawyer and they will help you select adoptive parents (or parent). Nevertheless, the final and legal decision is made by you (or you and the father) after the child’s birth.

If I choose adoption, will I know what happens to my child?

Placing a child for adoption does not necessarily mean that you won’t have future contact with your child. In past generations, many adoptions were surrounded in secrecy, and communication between birth parents and their children was discouraged. Today, most infant adoptions have some degree of openness in which birth parents have some contact with adoptive parents and their children who have been adopted.

Open adoption allows birth mothers to know and have contact with the adoptive parents and possibly the child who has been adopted. After the adoption, the birth mother (and possibly the birth father and other family members) and the adoptive family can communicate in various ways including letters, phone calls, social media, emails, texts, video calls, and/or visits. The type and frequency of communication will depend on the choices and needs of the people involved and often changes over time.

Research points to many benefits of openness for children who have been adopted and their birth mothers. Through direct contact with birth family members, openness can help your child learn more about his or her personal history, family background, medical information, and the reasons for placement. As a result, your child can benefit from a stronger sense of identity, self-worth, and connection. In addition, birth mothers often report a greater sense of control in an open adoption and comfort from knowing that their child is healthy and cared for.

If you would like to learn more about adoption for your child, contact an attorney today!

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Abortion or Adoption?

Choosing whether or not to have an abortion is one of the toughest decisions a young lady or woman will ever make. Since 1969, the Center for Disease Control has documented the number of women obtaining abortions. 825,564 abortions were reported to the CDC in 2008.

Families all over the USA want to adopt children.

Contact Jacksonville Divorce Lawyers if you would like to learn more: Click Here

According to the Florida Bar, “Adoption is the legal procedure by which a child becomes, through court action, part of a family other than that of his or her birth parents.”

Four types of adoptions exist in Florida: The entity adoption (an agency or intermediary facilitated adoption), the step-parent adoption, the close relative and the adult adoption. Each type of adoption has unique procedure.

Florida Statutes require that consent to adoption be obtained from:

the mother of the minor.
the father of the minor if:
1. the minor was conceived or born while the father was married to the mother;
2. the minor is his child by adoption;
3. the minor has been established by a court proceeding to be his child;
4. he has filed an affidavit of paternity pursuant to section 382.013(2)(c) Florida Statutes; or
5. in the case of an unmarried biological father, he has acknowledged in writing, signed in the presence of a competent witness, that he is the father of the minor, has filed such acknowledgment with the Office of Vital Statistics of the Department of Health within the required timeframes, and has complied with the requirements of section 63.062(2).

Determining whether someone’s consent is required, or when consent may not be required is a complicated issue and you may wish to consult an attorney. For more information about consenting to adoption, you should refer to Chapter 63, Florida Statutes, and sections 63.062 – 63.082 in particular.

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Gay Marriage in Florida?

Same-sex marriage rights have taken a leap forward in the United States, where the Supreme Court has opted to let stand lower court rulings overturning marriage bans in five states. A majority of U.S. states either currently allow gay couples to wed – or are expected to shortly.

Joy and excitement on display at this courthouse in Arlington, Virginia, which now can issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples for the first time.

Diane Ullius and Rhonda Buckner wed in Canada, and look forward to having their marriage recognized in their home state.

“We are thrilled! We are so excited,” said Buckner.

We feel vindicated. People have been working for a long time for places to recognize that equality is equality. Fair is fair,” said Ullius.

The states of Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Utah will join 19 others that already recognize gay marriage.

This comes after Monday’s Supreme Court decision not to review federal appellate court rulings that all struck down same-sex marriage bans. That unanimity made the high court less likely to weigh in, according to Georgetown University law professor Nan Hunter, who spoke via Skype.

“It is not unheard of for the [Supreme] Court to say, ‘Fine, so far everyone is agreeing without involving us, so we do not need to get involved’,” said Hunter.

Gay rights advocates are claiming a partial victory. Darlene Nipper of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force:

“The ruling means the country is going in the right direction, and it also means we have more work to do. Probably 60 percent of the American public is going to be living in a state where the freedom to marry is [legal] where they live. But that is 60 percent, not 100 percent,” said Nipper.

Social conservative groups decried what they see as the further erosion of traditional marriage and the Supreme Court’s refusal, so far, to take a stand on the legality of same-sex marriage. Chris Gacek is with the Family Research Council.

“It is going to be one of the most enormous black marks in the history of the court. If they want to redefine marriage and impose a cultural revolution on America, then they need to belly up to the bar and do it [act decisively],” said Gacek.

Many legal experts believe nationwide same-sex marriage rights are all but inevitable.

“I think the writing is on the wall. It is just a matter of time before gay couples can marry anywhere in the United States,” said Hunter.

Public opinion polls have shown a gradual increase in support for same-sex marriage, with most recent surveys showing a slim majority in favor.

Some questions regarding the solemnization of marriage may require legal advice. If the following questions and answers do not address your concerns, you or your customers may need to seek the advice of an attorney.

Q: My son’s wedding next month will be performed by a Notary Public. Is a marriage ceremony performed by a Notary Public of the State of Florida “legal and binding”? A: There are many factors which determine the validity of a marriage. Assuming, though, that the Florida Notary Public is duly appointed and commissioned at the time of the ceremony, that both the bride and the groom are qualified to be joined in marriage, that the couple have obtained the required Florida marriage license, and that the marriage ceremony is performed in Florida, the marriage would be “legal and binding.” Florida law will presume a marriage to be legal until otherwise shown.

Q: Does Florida require blood tests prior to the issuance of a marriage license? A: No.

Q: Does Florida recommend any premarital counseling prior to the issuance of a marriage license? A: Yes. During the 1998 Legislative Session, the Legislature passed the “Marriage Preparation and Preservation Act of 1998” in an effort to strengthen marriages, make stronger families, children and communities, and reduce the divorce rate. See Chapter 98- 403, Laws of Florida. The Act recommends the completion of a premarital preparation course of not less than 4 hours taught by a provider who has been approved by the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
The course may be completed by personal instruction or by video/electronic instruction. Providers must furnish a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the course, which should be submitted to the Clerk’s Office when applying for a marriage license. For those couples who voluntarily complete this premarital preparation course, the state offers a reduced marriage license fee and no waiting period.
Additionally, the Legislature has authorized the Family Law Section of The Florida Bar to create a handbook explaining those sections of Florida law pertaining to the rights and responsibilities of marital partners to each other and to their children, both during a marriage and upon dissolution.
NOTE: For additional information about the premarital preparation course and providers in your area, or the family law handbook, please contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Marriage Division, in your county.

Q: Is there a waiting period for the issuance of the marriage license? A: Yes. Effective January 1, 1999, there is a 3-day delay in the effective date of the marriage license if the couple does not participate in a premarital preparation course meeting the requirements specified in law and whose provider is registered with the Clerk
of the Circuit Court. Exceptions to the delayed effective date must be granted to non- Florida residents seeking a marriage license from the state and for individuals asserting hardship who have been granted a waiver by a county court judge.

Q: What is the county/state fee for obtaining a marriage license? A: Florida law specifies that the marriage license fee is $88.50. For all couples who complete the premarital preparation course, there is a reduction of $32.50, making the marriage license cost $56.00 for these couples.

Q: Occasionally, when I am scheduled to perform a marriage ceremony, the bride and groom forget to bring their marriage license with them to the ceremony. What should I do in this instance? A: The law states that the official “shall require of the parties a marriage license” before the solemnization of the marriage. That means that you should take possession of the marriage license before you perform the ceremony. Remember, you must also complete your portion and return the Marriage Record to the county for recording. If the couple forgets their marriage license or has not yet obtained a license, you may not solemnize the marriage.

Q: Is a Florida Notary Public authorized to perform a marriage ceremony outside the state, or may a Notary from another state perform a marriage ceremony in Florida? A: No. Florida is one of only three states (the other two are South Carolina and Maine) which authorize their Notaries Public to “solemnize the rites of matrimony.” A Florida Notary may perform a marriage ceremony providing the couple first obtain a marriage license from an authorized Florida official and may only perform a ceremony within the geographical boundaries of Florida. Thus, a Florida Notary may not perform a marriage ceremony in another state. Additionally, a Notary from another state, including South Carolina and Maine, may not perform a marriage ceremony in Florida. And, a Florida notary may not marry a couple who has obtained a marriage license from another state.

Q: May a Notary Public solemnize the marriage of two individuals when one party is not physically present, but participates in the ceremony via telephone or video transmission, or when one of the parties is not present and another individual represents that person in the ceremony, i.e., “marriage by proxy”?
A: No. Florida law does not allow marriage by proxy. Both parties must be physically present before the Notary Public for the solemnization of the marriage. The Notary should properly identify both parties prior to the ceremony.

Q: May I perform the marriage ceremony for a member of my family, specifically my daughter? A: Yes. You may perform a marriage ceremony for a person who is related by blood or marriage. The prohibition against notarizing the signature of a spouse, son, daughter, mother, or father does not apply because you are not notarizing the signature of the bride and groom. You are only certifying that the couple have been joined in marriage according to the laws of the State of Florida. See Attorney General Opinion, 91-70 (1991) below.

Q: My fiance and I would like to have a special friend who lives in another state come to Florida to perform our marriage ceremony. Would that be acceptable if we have a Notary Public witness the ceremony and sign the license? A: No. Florida law provides that only certain officials are authorized to solemnize marriage. Your friend may participate in the ceremony, for instance, by providing an inspirational message or prayer; but the vows and pronouncement should be done by an official authorized to solemnize marriage in Florida.

Q: What officials are authorized in Florida to perform a marriage ceremony? A: Section 741.07, Florida Statutes, provides that the following persons are authorized to solemnize matrimony:
State judicial officers (judges)
Federal judges serving in a court with jurisdiction over a part of this state
Designated members of the Society of Friends (Quakers)
Notaries Public
Regularly ordained ministers of the Gospel, elders, or other ordained clergy, if in good standing with his or her affiliate church or denomination
Retired state judicial officers
Clerks and Deputy Clerks of the Circuit Court
The following officials are not authorized to perform marriage in Florida:
State Attorneys Judges of Administrative Compensation Law Judges
Claims Persons in these positions are not judicial officers of this state.

Q: What fee may I charge when performing a marriage ceremony? A: The law provides that you may charge the same fee for solemnizing matrimony as the Clerks of the Circuit Court charge for the same service. That fee is set by law and is currently $20. Many Notaries provide additional services related to the wedding, such as
flowers, reception, photographer, etc., and have a right to be compensated for these services. If you charge for extras, we recommend that you provide your customers with an itemized list of charges before the wedding ceremony in order to prevent any misunderstanding about your fees.

Q: When “solemnizing the rites of matrimony,” is it acceptable for the Notary Public to complete the marriage certificate without actually performing a marriage ceremony? A: No. Completing the marriage certificate portion of the Marriage Record is not the same act as performing the marriage ceremony. Actually, the certificate is your way of certifying that you solemnized the marriage. You should not falsely certify that a ceremony was performed when, in fact, one was not.
The ceremony does not have to be in any particular form. Any form of ceremony to solemnize a marriage that the parties choose ordinarily suffices, as long as both parties agree to the marriage and make a legally binding commitment to each other. A marriage ceremony is usually performed for the sake of notoriety and certainty and must be conducted by a person authorized by law to perform the ceremony.

Q: Should I perform a marriage ceremony if it appears that the bride or groom is not mentally capable of understanding his or her actions at the time of the ceremony? What if I suspect that the bride or groom is not a willing party to the marriage? What if one of the parties appears intoxicated or under the influence of some mind/behavior- altering substance? A: As a Notary Public, you are not expected to make a legal determination or a medical evaluation of a person’s mental competency; but, you should be use your own common sense to determine that both parties are willing participants and are mentally capable of entering into the marriage at the time of the ceremony. If you have any doubt about the willingness or mental state of either party, you must refuse to solemnize the marriage.

Q: May I solemnize the marriage of a couple when one of the parties is under the age of 18? A: Yes, providing the couple produces a valid Florida marriage license signed and sealed by the Clerk of the Circuit Court, and providing that you have no reason to suspect that the marriage license was obtained by fraud. If either or both parties are minors, parental consent is required. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to provide the proper documentation to the Clerk’s Office when they apply for the marriage license.

Q: Is a Notary Public permitted to perform a marriage ceremony for two persons of the same sex? A: No. Florida law prohibits same-sex marriages. A Notary Public or other authorized person may not perform a marriage ceremony without a marriage license issued in accordance with the requirements set forth in Chapter 741 of the Florida Statutes. The law provides that a marriage license may not be issued unless:
• both parties sign an affidavit reciting their true and correct ages,
• both parties meet the age requirement or comply with the special provisions set forth for those individuals under the age of 18, and
• one party is male and the other party is female.
Thus, Florida Notaries may not perform a marriage ceremony for two persons of the same sex. If you choose to participate in an unofficial ceremony “uniting” two persons of the same sex, you must not do so in your official capacity as a Notary Public of the State of Florida.

Q: I recently read educational materials from an organization which stated that, as a Notary Public, I am not allowed to refuse to perform notarial services when asked. Must I solemnize a marriage if I have a religious conviction against doing so? A: No. You have the right to refuse to perform notary services for any number of reasons, including your own religious convictions. Of course, you should never exercise your authority in a discriminatory manner.

Q: Are witnesses required to sign the marriage certificate? A: Although the marriage certificate has spaces for two witnesses to sign, witnesses are not specifically required by law. However, it is recommended that two witnessess, other than the Notary, sign the marriage certificate in the event that proof of the marriage ceremony is necessary in the future. Remember, though, you are not notarizing the signatures of the witnesses.

Q: May I perform a marriage ceremony in a different county than the one where the marriage license was issued? A: Yes. A Florida marriage license is good in any county in Florida. However, after the marriage is solemnized, the license must be returned to the county that issued it for recording.

Q: May I perform a marriage ceremony while aboard a ship? A: Yes – as long as the ship is in Florida waters at the time of the ceremony. The legal definition of “Florida waters” is somewhat complex, but is generally stated as three geographic miles from the coastline seaward on the Atlantic Ocean and nine geographic miles from the coastline seaward on the Gulf of Mexico. Determining the exact location of the ship is best left to the captain or someone qualified to make that judgment.
Many cruise ships prefer to conduct marriage ceremonies while safely docked in a Florida port. Then, the wedding party enjoys celebrating after the ship sails. Whether on a cruise ship or a private vessel, you should ensure that you are in Florida waters at the time of the marriage ceremony.

Q: May I participate in a ceremony for the renewal of marriage vows? A: The renewal of marriage vows is not an official duty of a Notary Public. No marriage license is required because no marriage is taking place. This type of ceremony is usually done as part of a celebration of a wedding anniversary or as a recommitment by the
parties to each other without any legal effect. You may participate in a renewal ceremony, but not in your official capacity as a Notary Public.

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Is Viagra Giving You Skin Cancer?

Viagra is a prescription medicine that is mostly given to males to help them get and keep an erection that was originally developed to help keep blood vessels in the heart open. Viagra’s primary active ingredient, Sildenafil targets an enzyme that is mostly found in the heart and the effects it had for men’s sex lives was an unanticipated side effect. It was accidentally found that the chemical sildenafil inhibited the production of the enzyme PDE5, which the body uses to regulate blood flow to the penis. Sildenafil, Vardenafil and Tadalafil, otherwise known as Viagra, Lavitra and Cialis are PDE5 inhibitors.

Recent research on over 25,000 men, by some of the world’s top melanoma skin cancer doctors showed an increase in risk of melanoma for men taking PDE5 inhibitors of 84%.

Contact Us if you or a loved one would like to speak with an attorney about the viagra melanoma lawsuits.

Even if you have only taken the drugs ONE time, and you have developed melanoma, there could be a correlation. Research showed that men who had an erectile dysfunction but did not use Viagra did not show an increased risk for melanoma.

Attorneys are working with physicians and pharmaceutical experts to determine what Pfizer knew about the possible link between melanoma cancers and Viagra and why Pfizer failed to make immediate public disclosures to warn patients.

We already know that Pfizer has been repeatedly charged with misrepresenting the risks of various drugs it has marketed. We also know that they have improperly marketed other drugs and engaged in other serious violations of law. According to Pfizer’s 2014 Proxy Statement and it’s 2013 Annual Report to Shareholders, the financial report results show over $1 billion in verdicts and settlements against Pfizer.


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Zamora-Fonseca Wanted for Grand Theft

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is asking for the community’s assistance in locating a wanted man in Jacksonville, Florida’s southside.

Suspect PictureZamora Fonseca is wanted in connection with a Grand Theft and Dealing in Stolen Property. He has been seen in the areas adjacent to Phillips Highway between University Boulevard and Interstate 95 and is believed to be driving a silver Toyota Camry.

While working for the victim, he took lawn equipment without permission. He then took the items to a pawn shop and pawned them.

The suspect, Zamora Fonseca, is described as a 30 year old Hispanic Male with the word “Cuba” tattooed on his left arm.

Zamora-Fonseca2Anyone who has any information in regards to the whereabouts of Zamora Fonseca is asked to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office at 904-630-0500 or email us at To remain anonymous and receive a possible reward up to $3,000 contact Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS.

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Nancie Johnson Tinsley | Oscar W. Tinsley | Jacksonville Murder Suicide

Nancie M Johnson Tinsley and Oscar W. Tinsley, wife and husband, were publicly identified as the victims of what appears to be another Jacksonville murder in 2014 and a suicide.

According to police reports and reporting from, Oscar Tinsley was charged with domestic battery on Valentine’s Day. He received a 12 month probation but that was later dropped on May 1 under a judge’s order to not use drugs and alcohol while taking anger-management courses.

According to the arrest report, the Tinsley’s 23-year-old son heard his parents arguing around 3:30 in the morning. The son also reported hearing loud banging during the Valentines day conflict. Nancie Tinsley told officers they were arguing and she was pushed into a wall. She accused Oscar Tinsley of grabbing the clothing around her neck.

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