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Jacksonville Foreclosure and Home Owner Lawyer

As a Jacksonville Foreclosure Defense Lawyer, I have seen many people go through foreclosures in Jacksonville, Florida. Many Jacksonville home foreclosures are initiated by national banks, such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and SunTrust. When people are facing foreclosure of their houses in Jacksonville, they often try to apply for a Florida loan modification or go through a short sale of their house in Florida. In some cases, the bank tells Jacksonville homeowners that they do not qualify for a Florida loan modification, or the bank gives the homeowner the run around in reference to the loan modification.

As a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer, I have heard too many people tell me that they have tried to apply for loan modifications in Jacksonville, but they are not getting a response from the bank. In the mean time, the bank has filed a Florida foreclosure lawsuit in Duval County, Clay County, or St. Johns County. Due to my experience with Jacksonville, Orange Park, and St. Augustine foreclosure lawsuits, I have become skeptical when it comes to banks stating that they will give loan modifications to Florida homeowners.

When I heard that Bank of America was going to be working with homeowners on loan modifications, I am very skeptical as a Jacksonville foreclosure defense attorney. In March of this year, the New York Times reported that “Bank of America will provide deeper-than-anticipated principal reductions for about 200,000 homeowners under newly-disclosed terms of last month’s foreclosure settlement with state and federal authorities.” There are Jacksonville Foreclosure cases that will not be affected by the Bank of America settlement. It has been reported, “mortgages owned by government-sponsored entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as those backed by the Federal Housing Administration and the Veterans Administration, will not be eligible for principal reductions.”

If you are going through foreclosure in Jacksonville or another Florida city, the Bank of America settlement “benefits will go toward mortgages owned by Bank of America or serviced by Bank of America for private investors.” In order to qualify for a Jacksonville loan modification under this settlement, “eligible borrowers will have to fulfill a number of other conditions, including being 60 days or more overdue and have a loan whose unpaid balance exceeds the value of the house.” Basically, in order to qualify for a loan medication in Jacksonville under this settlement, you must have default or not paid on your Florida mortgage for at least 60 days. Another condition for a Jacksonville loan modification in is that your house must be worth less than the amount that you owe on your Florida residence.

The New York Times further reported that Bank of America temporarily halted “foreclosure sales of homes that could be covered under the settlement,” until it is able to contact homeowners about the foreclosure settlement. Any Jacksonville or Florida home loans covered in the foreclosure loan modification deal will be mortgages originated by Countrywide.

The $26 billion Bank of America foreclosure settlement started with an investigation by the by the attorney general into the banks’ foreclosure procedures. Bank of America had been approving documents “with only cursory reviews, a practice known as robo-signing… As a result of the settlement, state and federal authorities will not be able to sue the banks for possible misdeeds, like robo-signing, directly linked to servicing.”

If you are facing a Jacksonville foreclosure or possible foreclosure in St. Johns, Duval, Clay, or Nassau County, contact a Florida foreclosure lawyer in Jacksonville for Jacksonville foreclosure help and information. 20 Miles Law is a Jacksonville law office that can help you with your Florida foreclosure case.  Call (904) 564-2525.

Jacksonville Lawyer Cynthia Veintemillas

Jacksonville Lawyer Cynthia Veintemillas

Lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida Cynthia Veintemillas owns and operates 20 Miles Law, LLC. Call 904 564 2525

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Jacksonville Lawyer Cynthia Veintemillas

About Jacksonville Lawyer Cynthia Veintemillas

Lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida Cynthia Veintemillas owns and operates 20 Miles Law, LLC. Call 904 564 2525
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