Jacksonville DUI lawyers protect your rights if arrested for driving under the influence.

DUI attorneys in Jacksonville Florida stay pretty busy. DUI charges in Jacksonville are very common and the penalties for driving while intoxicated can cause permanent harm on a record. It can also be very expensive.

Florida laws against DUI restrict the people’s right to drive a car, boat, or other motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Again, a DUI, driving under the influence, case is a serious crime that may lead to numerous penalties and repercussions. A person is usually charged with a DUI if they register a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% and above. In some cases the perpetrator may be charged with a DUI with a lower percentage for blood alcohol content and the police officer who gives you a field sobriety test has a lot of subjective powers. It is your right to refuse any of the tests the police officers require and in some areas of the United States, lawyers will advertise with language advising people not to take the tests.

The following is an excerpt from Cynthia Veintemillas, a Jacksonville lawyer who works with dui clients. She owns 20 Miles Law, PLLC and she can be contacted at (904) 564.2525

“According to Florida DUI laws, Jacksonville driving under the influence crime occurred when it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you:

Were driving while your faculties were impaired due to the influence of drugs or alcohol; or
Were driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.80 % or higher.
A Jacksonville DUI arrest usually occurs after a police officer stops a Florida driver. Once legally stopped, an officer can evaluate an odor of alcohol, whether your eyes are bloodshot, if you speech is slurred, your stability on your feet, evidence of drug or alcohol on your person or in your car. The Florida police officer will also ask questions, such as whether you have been drinking or taken any drugs or medications. It does not matter if the medications were proscribed to you or not. You can still be charged with a Jacksonville DUI based on prescription medications. However, if you were not legally stopped (there was a Florida unlawful search and seizure), the Florida DUI evidence that follows the stop may not be admissible in court in a Jacksonville DUI trial.”

Again. If you have been arrested for DUI in Jacksonville and need a lawyer to help you through the situation it is recommended that you choose a lawyer with experience in Jacksonville DUI cases. They will understand and have knowledge about the Duval County courts that most cannot possibly have.

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