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Florida Foreclosure Lawyers for help with home and property foreclosures.

Foreclosure law covers home loans, contract law, property rights and regulations.

When going through foreclosure, a court administers the property and assets of a debtor for the benefit of those owed money. Individuals or businesses may use foreclosure lawyers to resolve a bad financial situation. Sometimes a creditor may force the filing of a Foreclosure proceeding.

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Short Sale Laws From Jacksonville Attorney George Beckus

George Beckus has nearly 10 years legal experience.  He began his legal career in the Offices of the Public Defender 7th Circuit in where he handled thousands of criminal cases, both felony and misdemeanor. George Beckus started his own Law Firm in 2011, concentrating primarily in areas … Continue reading

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Foreclosure Defense

There are many different circumstances involving property and home loans, decreases in property value and filing a foreclosure suit. Below you will find some help understanding some of the terms associated with a property or home foreclosure. Sale Postponements Homeowners … Continue reading

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