Foreclosure Defense

There are many different circumstances involving property and home loans, decreases in property value and filing a foreclosure suit.

Below you will find some help understanding some of the terms associated with a property or home foreclosure.

Sale Postponements

Homeowners may need more time to come to a resolution and work out a deal with their lender. Sometimes the lender may postpone a foreclosure. Working with the Lender’s attorneys your foreclosure lawyer may save you lots of money or give you more time to live in your home with “sale postponements.”

Reinstatement Cost

The total amount that is past due on a loan including the late fees and your Lender’s Attorney costs is the “reinstatement cost.” If paid in full, your mortgage will be caught up immediately. Past-due fees, including back payments, late fees and legal expenses can get very high. A foreclosure lawyer may be able to help you lower the fees.

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