Florida Voting Registration and the New SAVE Database

Florida Governor Rick Scott, has now been given access to the citizen database for voter purges. A political battle, the SAVE database will be used by Florida in an effort to prevent non-citizens from voting. The federal Department of Homeland Security granted Florida access to a list of resident non-citizens. While some GOP controlled states have created laws requiring voters to show proof of identification, Florida’s new laws are being bashed by Democrats because of the timing of the new law. With only a few months before the next big election, will the law create more problems than it fixes?

Governor Scott is quoted as follows:

“””“Access to the SAVE database will ensure that non-citizens do not vote in future Florida elections. I’m appreciative that the federal government is working with us cooperatively. This is a step in the right direction. This commitment from the United States Department of Homeland Security marks a significant victory for Florida and for the integrity of our election system.

“We’ve already confirmed that non-citizens have voted in past elections here in Florida. Now that we have the cooperation of the Department of Homeland Security, our state can use the most accurate citizenship database in the nation to protect the integrity of Florida’s election process.”””””

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