Florida State Attorney Case Loads and Salary Statistics

Florida State Attorney

Florida has 20 judicial circuits and they are all different in composition and population and the way the cases are handled and how budgets are administered.

The following is a list of state attorney output measures for the twenty judicial circuits serviced by the state attorneys in 2011.

(1) Criminal Allegations: 1,228, 394
(2) Reopened Cases: 255, 627
(3) Civil Cases: 34, 261
(4) Cases Referred to State Attorneys: 1,628,282

The following is a breakdown of the total number of cases handled by the state attorneys in 2011.

(1) 1.628 million case referrals
(2) 1809 assistant state attorneys
(3) 900 case referrals per assistant state attorney annually

1,169 assistant state attorneys handled 430,484 felony referrals in 2011. This means that on average, each assistant state attorney was responsible for 368 case referrals in 2011.

470 assistant state attorneys who handle misdemeanor cases were referred 1.027 million cases in 2011. This averages out to 2,185 case referrals per assistant in 2011.

171 assistant state attorneys assigned to juvenile cases in 2011 were responsible for 136,383 juvenile case referrals. This averages out to 798 case referrals per assistant for the year 2011.

An assistant state attorney who has three years or less experience in an office is approximately 29 years of age. His or her average student loan is $80,000 to $100,000. The average starting salary is $40,000. The average salary is $47,000.

Fifty-six percent of the assistant state attorneys have less than 5 years experience. Nineteen percent have 6 to 10 years experience. Nine percent have 11 to 15 years experience. Five percent have 16 to 20 years experience. Eleven percent have 21 or more years of experience.

The turnover rate for assistant state attorneys in fiscal year 2009-2010 was 14.71%.  The turnover for fiscal year 2010-2011 was 15.38%.  Two benefits for working as an assistant state attorney are health insurance and retirement benefits.  However, the Legislature has eroded both of these benefits by requiring payment into the retirement fund and increasing the cost of health care coverage.  It is noted that a study showed that most private entities don’t give the same benefits. The salary of an assistant state attorney always ranks at the low end of the salary scale.  Also noted, county attorneys, city attorneys, and their assistants, make considerably more than assistant state attorneys.

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