Florida is in the News Again…


Somehow, we cannot forget, or rather we are not being allowed to forget… Octomom… No… This is not a Marvel Comics character, but rather a real life woman who used unnatural methods to get pregnant and had 8 children in one birthing.

It would seem that the costs of raising 14 (that’s right… 6 others too) children has led to the most recent news of Nadya Suleman stripping in Florida. And it seems that she is in trouble for stripping at more than one club.

The owner of T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach is quoted as saying, “I was supposed to be the first, and no one else was supposed to get her.”

Also premiering soon is the Octomom, Nadya Suleman porn flick. Google “Octomom Porn Trailer” and you will see what the 14 children will have to live with as they grow up.

Here is a cleaner clip claimed to be from the new “Home Alone” film. What do you think? Bath salts or just Florida heat and water?

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