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From the time Mr Steve Wallace (a proud republican friend of Rick Scott) obtained FSCJ Presidential status, 15 years ago, the cost of tuition has increased 248% for Florida residents and 254% for out of state FSCJ students. Source: Florida Tuition Increases, Jacksonville Lawyer

Now, after Steve Wallace received millions to quit his job, (he was caught taking public funds to do little more than party) the embattled Republicans that so diligently led the exorbitant higher education tuition increases, are backtracking. Or at least pretending. Rick Scott, Florida Governor, has proudly proclaimed that Tuition rates will now hold steady, at least until our attention is focused somewhere else. Will it be a democrat president caught with a prostitute? Will it be another cigar used to stimulate an overpaid assistant’s sexual urges? Will it ever be a democrat murdering children with remote controlled warcraft? Or… Could it be that the 250% increase is really enough for the greedy elite to “sustain” for a few years?

Governor Rick Scott released the following statement, applauding Florida university leaders’ commitment to holding the line on tuition and making college more affordable for Florida families:

“We know Florida families want the best value possible from our higher education system, which means we have to make advanced degrees more affordable and more connected to students’ ability to get a great job when they graduate. We are pleased to share this important goal with many of Florida’s finest higher education leaders who are committed to holding the line on tuition. We look forward to working closely with them as we put together a proposed budget and other policies for the upcoming legislative session.”

Several university presidents and student leaders convened at the Capitol this morning. Below are highlights from their remarks on the importance of holding the line on tuition and making higher education more affordable:

President Eric Barron (Florida State University): “None of us want to increase tuition. I don’t know of anybody in this room that wants us to increase tuition.”

President Judy Bense (University of West Florida): “All of us want to keep higher education affordable and accessible to Florida’s students and their families.”

President Bernie Machen (University of Florida): “We also want to emphasize that we very much support the focus on increasing STEM graduates in either undergraduate or graduate programs in our state.”

Cortez Whatley (Student Body President of the University of Central Florida): “For the sake of Florida’s students, businesses and the communities that we live in, we need to keep a college education affordable and accessible to all.”

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