Florida Education System Gets a New Roadmap | Strategic Plan

The Florida State Board of Education

The Florida State Board of Education voted unanimously in favor of approving Florida’s newly-proposed strategic plan for public schools and state colleges. The plan includes revamped measures of student progress that align more closely with the federal flexibility waiver received earlier this year. Encompassing goals and objectives that will set the course for education in our state through 2018, the new plan outlines the vision for the future of Florida’s public schools and colleges.

State Board Chairman Gary Chartrand

“We need a strong plan to support our dynamic education system,” said State Board Chairman Gary Chartrand. “I am confident that these strategies and goals will put Florida on a path toward raising student achievement, improving educator quality, and expanding school choice.”

Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart

“Florida is a leader in education reform and the new strategic plan matches the ambitious spirit of our state’s education system,” said Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart. “I am pleased that we have set a course that will help improve the climate for our students in years to come.”

Advancing high-quality education for the next generation of students is the primary responsibility of the State Board of Education. The strategic plan offers a roadmap for Florida’s education community that shows where we are, where we want to be, and how we will get there. The plan was a collaborative effort of the State Board and the department. The new strategic plan will be available at http://www.fldoe.org/strategic_plan/.

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