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Some studies show increased adhd behaviors in children after a divorce.

Some studies show increased adhd behaviors in children after a divorce.

A Brown University study found that four of the top ten US cities with the highest divorce rates are in Florida. In 2011, the Huffington Post reported that Florida had the 8th highest divorce rate of any state in the nation. The ratio used to calculate the rate was the total number of divorces divided by the population.

The effects of a divorce are traumatizing for all those involved. Often it is the children who are hurt the worst. In March of 2012, Lauren Hansen reported at theweek.com that there are 9 common trends among children who come from divorced families.

Children Often Suffer:

  • Smoking habits
  • Ritalin Use
  • Poor Math and Social Skills
  • More Susceptible to Getting Sick
  • More Likely to Drop Out of School
  • A Propensity to Commit Crimes
  • More Likely to Suffer a Stroke
  • Greater Chance of Their Own Divorce
  • Early Death

Jacksonville Divorce Attorney

Finding someone who will take your money to represent you during a divorce is easy, but choosing a family lawyer or mediator is a difficult decision that could easily turn into one of the best or worst decisions of your life. The best divorce attorneys are never the least expensive and the cost of not obtaining great legal representation in the family court system is typically worth every penny you might spend for a strong, assertive fighter in your corner who knows the ins and outs of the judicial system.

Children and finances create havoc during a separation and a divorce. Alimony, child custody, child support and other factors may create a lifetime of headaches and further need for legal representation.

In the article, The Stages of Divorce, by Dr. Tom Merrill and Geoff Hamilton, Esq., a family law attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii, the following stages are associated with most marriages ending.

  • Deliberation Phase
  • Decision Phase
  • Transition Phase (“Crazy Time”)
  • Litigation Phase
  • Healing Phase

While it is interesting to read about the “Crazy Time” Phase in the article, it is even more interesting to see a family law attorney ignore what often follows the healing phase they refer to.

After initial mediation or litigation, settlements for alimony, child custody and child support are handed out to the divorcing couple. Many factors come together during this time to determine who gets what, when and how. The family courts recognize that over time things will change. This is when modifications to divorce settlements become possible.

Post-Divorce Modifications

Fletcher and Phillips law firm in Jacksonville, Florida is a very well established family attorney practice. On their website http://www.fletcherandphillips.com they have the follow list that details common reasons or circumstances that may warrant a divorce modification.

Why a post-divorce modification might be right for you.

  • Loss of job
  • Business failure
  • Economic downturn
  • Illness
  • Physical injury
  • Death
  • Relocating out of state
  • Moving elsewhere in Florida
  • Finding new employment
  • Change in dependant’s status

If you are considering a divorce.

Your future depends on your choice today.

The representation you decide to retain will be your buffer in the court system to help you protect your rights. While the divorce is guaranteed to be painful for all parties, the pain can be drastically decreased if the lawyer you choose does everything in their power to help you. It will pay great dividends in the long run if you find an attorney who has the years of experience required to obtain relationships with other local attorneys and even judges in the county or state where you are getting your divorce.

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