Florida Bureau of Private Prison Monitoring oversees the prison system within the State of Florida

According to Dan Zeidman, of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office, the population of the federal prison system has increased 8 times over what it was 30 years ago. Dan Zeidman continues on to write that it is, “largely due to the overrepresentation of those convicted of drug offenses, many of whom are low-level and non-violent.”

In accordance with Chapter 957, Florida Statutes, the Bureau of Private Prison Monitoring oversees compliance for the private prison system within the State of Florida.

The goal of the Bureau is to manage and oversee the operational contracts for the private correctional facilities. The Bureau ensures vendors are operating in compliance with contractual requirements for corrections services in Florida. The performance is evaluated by the, “Ability to achieve and maintain cost savings for the State of Florida.” The Bureau currently oversees the operational contracts of Bay, Blackwater River, Gadsden, Graceville, Lake City, Moore Haven, and South Bay correctional facilities.

Finding available information on current rates of incarceration in Florida is nearly impossible. When county, metro and local area jails are included the numbers change drastically throughout Florida everyday. Around every corner a police officer may be waiting there and those who own the private prisons are anxiously awaiting new arrivals.

The Florida Department of Corrections is the largest agency in the State of Florida, with a budget of $2.3 billion, a little over 102,000 inmates incarcerated and another 150,000+ offenders on some type of community supervision. A little harder to find but found here: http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/Content/FSAC/Menu/Data—Statistics-(1)/UCR-Arrest-Data.aspx
is the exciting news that Florida almost arrested 1,000,000 people last year and out of those, 130,000 were for drugs, 44,000 for DUI offenses, and 450,000 were given the term “misc” which could/ may be considered as the arrest of an innocent person.

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