Fight outside Georgia Florida game | 1 Man Hospitalized

“He was a drunk idiot, but no one deserves that”

In 2004, a UF student died the night before the game when he fell from a downtown parking garage.

In 2005, a UF student, outside the Jacksonville CSX building was beat to death. Three men were found guilty of the crime thanks to video footage from security cameras.

Every year the game, known as the nations largest cocktail party, brings in masses of men, women and children. The tailgating experience is unlike any other for the annual Florida Georgia game, and it usually includes a fair share of drinking.

This years Florida Georgia game in Jacksonville has left one man in the hospital. Details of the circumstances are vague, but the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office initially stated the man was “critically injured” in a fight. published the following from a witness. It is still unknown if any charges have been filed for the fight. An assault or battery attorney in Jacksonville may have just gotten a new case.

Dan Fasbinder, a Jacksonville resident manning a cooker under a tent near the pond, said he had seen the man mixing with the crowd before the fight, and said he seemed to be drunk. He said the man had laid down on the bank of the pond, and two friends who were with him left.
“He was totally intoxicated,” Fasbinder said.
A while later, Fasbinder said, he noticed a crowd gathering in that area, then saw the same man being “beat down.”
He said police arrived moments later.
He didn’t know how the fight started.
Fasbinder, who comes to the same spot outside the stadium each year, said the beating was unsettling to see.

“He was a drunk idiot, but no one deserves that,” he said of the beating.

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