Economic Scams In Jacksonville Identified by Jacksonville Sheriff Office JSO

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Scams

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has identified a list of economic scams that is currently targeting residents in the Jacksonville Florida area.

Pigeon Drop Scam

1. Pigeon Drop- This scam usually involves two suspects, one suspect will state they have and visually show the victim a large amount of cash and/or savings bonds. The second suspect will approach and add his opinion on what to do with the money. The suspects manipulate the victim into thinking that they will be able to split the money three ways if they can ‘secure’ or ‘verify’ the other cash and bonds. The suspects eventually collect all of the cash from the victim and leave the victim holding a bag of worthless paper. The elderly are usually targeted as victims, and this generally occurs in store parking lots.

Jamaican Sweepstakes Scam

2. Jamaican Sweepstakes Scam- This scam involves a phone call usually from a Jamaican cell phone number declaring to the victim that they have won a cash prize or vehicle. The victim is then told that they must provide some ‘tax cash’ or ‘stamps’ to pay customs for the cash being allowed to enter the country. The suspect will give the victim instructions to wire money to Jamaica for the purpose of releasing the cash and car. The victim will be told over and over that there were issues and more money will need to be wired. The victim never receives any prize. Anytime you are asked to pay money in order to receive a cash prize, you need to be aware.

Secret Shopper Scam

3. Secret Shopper Scam- This scam will generally originate through email or regular mail. The scam involves a seemingly legitimate check being mailed to the victim, giving directions for secretly shopping for an item. The check will be for more than the item will cost. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check into their checking account and wire a set amount of money back to the company. Shortly after the victim deposits the check and wires the money, the victim’s bank will declare that the check is counterfeit and the victim is responsible for the full amount withdrawn from the account.

Reshipping Scam

4. Reshipping Scam- This scam involves the victim looking for a ‘work from home job’. The victim will be told that they are working for a logistics company (or similar). The victim is told that they will be paid monthly, usually a large amount and reimbursed for shipping supplies. The victim will be instructed to reship items that are delivered to victim’s address, usually out of the country. The victim is told that they will not be paid until the end of the second month. The victim continues to reship the items anticipating the large paycheck that will never show up.

Craigslist/ Classified Ad Scam

5. Craigslist/ Classified Ad Scam – This scam involves the victim selling something via a classified ad. The victim will be contacted by an interested party. Usually the full asking price will be agreed upon and the purchaser will send a check to the seller. The check arrives and is for much more than the agreed upon price. The purchaser will re-contact the seller and state that it was a mistake, and will have the seller return the overage to the purchaser. The seller deposits the check and sends the overage back to the purchaser, at which time the seller’s bank tells them the check is fraudulent. The seller is now responsible for the total amount withdrawn from the account.

Grandson/ Granddaughter Scam

6. Grandson/Granddaughter stuck overseas and needs money to get out of jail or pay for hospital bills calls grandma/grandpa to wire the money.

ATMs/ Waiters/ Gas Pumps Scams

7. ATM/Waiter/Gas Pump skimming – Small handheld device is used to scan your debit/credit card number. Then your credit card numbers are sent to another location, sometimes out of the country and used to make purchases.

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