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Whether you are single, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, in a same-sex relationship, have or do not have children, it should not matter to your employer. You have the right to be who you are and do your job.

Jacksonville, Florida is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the country that still affords no basic human right guarantees to the LGBT community who reside here. An attorney who is specialized in working with LGBT issues can help you protect your rights whatever your sexual orientation or preference may be.

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There is no doubt that the USA has been plagued with discrimination and hate throughout it’s history. We could dive into the Native American or African American history for a lesson on American hate if we needed proof, but for those who suffer the painful truth it would only be a twist of the knife that digs deeps into their souls.

Jacksonville Attorney, Patye Davis focuses her attention on protecting the LGBT community from hate. Hate in the workplace, in school and on the street. Patye sees the pain the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community suffers and her heart races. While many focus on fighting against flesh, spilling the blood of their fellow man, Patye has found her place focusing on the battle against a larger enemy that plagues the world.  She hates hate… She has nothing but love for any man or woman, but she certainly has a furious hatred for an ideal of discrimination. You can rest assured, that the discrimination you face, pisses her off much more or at least as much as you.

So Jacksonville LGBT community, be pro-active! Contact an LGBT attorney to discuss the ways you can protect your job, your relationship, your assets and more, by your choosing the best lawyer focused on the battle against hate. Do all in your power to secure the rights that are being denied you by bringing in a powerful weapon, Patye Davis.

Patricia H. Davis began her legal career as a tax law librarian at the Department of Revenue in Boston, MA.  Her interest in legal research and finding the right case to benefit the client prompted her to become a paralegal.  Patricia continued her legal career as a litigation and maritime paralegal in Tampa, FL and Anchorage, AK before settling in Jacksonville, FL.

Passion for the wronged, injured and discriminated client led Patricia to realize that her voice on behalf of others would only be heard if she became an attorney…

So, after many years of being a paralegal, Patricia received her Juris Doctor from Florida Coastal School of Law in 2006.  Her class rank was 30/207. She had many scholastic honors including the book award (highest grade) in Mediation and Legal Research and Writing, and multiple semesters on the Dean’s Honor Roll.

Upon becoming an attorney in 2006, Patricia had not only the book knowledge from law school, but had the practical legal skills obtained as a paralegal. Patye also had boiling blood ready to fight against the hate she had witnessed against the LGBT community.

Prior to starting her own firm, Patricia worked for various law offices working in the areas of automobile liability, personal injury, insurance defense litigation, estate planning, probate and trust litigation, elder law, guardianship and general civil matters. Patye had witnessed first hand the suffering of those whose sexual orientation caused their human rights to be limited by human hate.

Patricia believes that a successful law practice, like a happy life, is premised on treating others with respect and courtesy. Patye responds to her clients in a timely fashion, keeping communications open, and at all times, to all people, practicing law with civility.  Patricia works closely with her clients and zealously advocates to secure the best results for their particular circumstance.

Patricia’s professional Association includes membership in the Florida Bar, Jacksonville Bar, Jacksonville Women’s Bar Association, Middle District Court, and Associate Member of the Chester Bedell Inn of Court.  Patricia is a member of the Florida Bar Elder Law and Real Property, Probate and Trust Law sections.

Patricia’s community involvement to date includes pro bono work for Jacksonville Area Legal Aid; she has served on a human rights board for a company providing residential homes and support to developmentally disabled  persons and she is a board member of the local Jacksonville PFLAG chapter, as well as an ally in the fight for equality for all persons.

Patye has what it takes to fight for you. She will be on your side to the end

Call 904.614-3670 or email PDavis@JaxLawAttorney.com

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