Jacksonville Criminal Lawyers

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyers help with drug charges, traffic violations, assault or battery allegations, and other criminal charges

You have the right to legal representation from qualified lawyers if you have been charged for committing any type of crime. An attorney specialized in criminal law has a great understanding of the local criminal courts, court procedures and punishments. The best lawyers help can be a great resource to help prepare your defense.

Crimes against society are defined in criminal law statutes of the United States of America. A criminal offense is established by the state, federal and local governments who are responsible for prosecuting criminals with prosecuting attorneys.

A Lawyer in Jacksonville that has extensive experience with Florida criminal law and the criminal justice system will be able to answer your questions concerning most Florida jurisdictions. In other states, you will want to find a criminal lawyer licensed in that state. Every Jacksonville criminal case is different.

An arrest in Jacksonville, Florida does not mean that the accused is guilty of the crime. Sometimes, people are falsely accused of Florida crimes. This may be based on faulty evidence, improper eyewitness identification, coerced confessions, witnesses who do not tell the truth, and numerous other factors. The Florida State Attorney’s Office may file formal charges that exceed the crime committed. Often, people are charged with Jacksonville Battery, when they are arrested for fighting. The proper crime charge may have been a Jacksonville Fighting charge, which is a lesser offense. In criminal cases, the prosecutors may seek a heavier sentence than allowed by law. For example, a person may be charged with armed robbery and facing a 10-year minimum mandatory sentence in prison. However, if the Florida Criminal Defendant was not in possession of a firearm, he should not be subject to the Florida 10, 20, Life Statutes.

It is said by some that the best criminal defense is to actively be on the offense. It may be possible to convince the Florida State Attorney to drop the case. Often times a good criminal lawyer may be able to get your charges reduced or enter you into a Florida pretrial diversion program, which could result in the charges being dropped.

After dealing with a Florida criminal case, your lawyer can petition to seal or expunge your record. It is important to have a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney that knows how to expunge or seal your record.

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