Contact Jacksonville Florida FBI to Expose Corruption in Government

Jackie Robinson FBI File

Call Jacksonville FBI at 1 888 722 1225The acting Special Agent in Charge, of the Jacksonville, FL FBI is Nestor Duarte.

In a recent quest to find information on the Allied Veterans scandal in Jacksonville, Florida, the FBI website was searched. In the search, the term Allied Veterans did not bring up anything relevant to today, but did turn up this history lesson. Civil rights movement called Communism

The Allied Veterans scandal defines government corruption. What looked like a great idea to help wounded veterans was actually a well orchestrated scheme to launder money into a chosen fews hands. Details on the case are almost non-existant but we will continue looking for truth.

In the mean time, please contact the Jacksonville FBI if you have any information of government corruption. Before contacting the FBI please consider documenting your information with a lawyer so it will be protected from further corruption that could easily be orchestrated between the local government and the FBI.

Also, you may Contact Us if you need assistance letting the truth be heard.

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