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Child Custody

Child custody, involving a minor child, is typically determined with the child’s best interest in mind.

Decisions about education, religion, medical issues, and discipline, as well as where the child will live are provided through legal custody. Sole custody gives separate legal and physical custody, while joint custody allows both parties to participate.

An an aggressive, yet compassionate attitude from your child custody lawyer will help calm the potentially emotional issues a divorcing couple faces. Experienced child custody lawyers in Jacksonville with the dedication towards your case that you seek can be found and we are here to help.

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Florida Child Custody Statute

Jacksonville, Florida Child Custody Lawyers

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In 2008, the term “child custody” was replaced with “ parenting plan” through modified legislation. The new law requires divorcing parents come to an agreement to make sure the child/ children frequent and continued contact with both parents after the divorce is final. The intent is that parents stay involved in the child’s life. The parenting plan and time sharing agreement can be very complicated and a dedicated Jacksonville child custody lawyer can help with the process.

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