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Are you pregnant and considering adoption? Logo

Sometimes pregnant women are not ready to be a mom. They are faced with a difficult decision between adoption and abortion. Only you can decide what’s right for your baby. The following are common questions a pregnant woman wants answers … Continue reading

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Process of Getting a Divorce in Florida

lauren kingry law

In Florida, any person can file for divorce without having to allege that their spouse indulged in some specific wrongdoing. Nevertheless, courts in Florida can consider allegations of ‘fault’ or wrongdoing when they are considering the amount of alimony to … Continue reading

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Adoption Lawyer Offering Free Pregnancy Tests Logo

Law firms are offering free pregnancy tests to women who may be pregnant. The lawyers have learned while working on Jacksonville & Florida adoption cases that far too often women cannot afford the test to determine if they may be … Continue reading

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Roof Replacement Safety Laws

A dangerous, steep roof picture.

Replacing a roof can be dangerous work, but with the appropriate protection measures in place, the risk of life-threatening falls can be significantly reduced. As a result, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has set strict laws for safety … Continue reading

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Divorce Lawyer, Jacksonville FL | Fletcher and Phillips


Address: 541 E Monroe St Unit 1, Jacksonville, FL 32202 Phone: (904) 353-7733 Open: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Jacksonville family law firm, Fletcher & Phillips serves the needs of clients who seek to divorce or change the terms of a divorce through … Continue reading

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Florida Marijuana Laws May Change Soon

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The following was posted on April 17, 2015 by Cynthia Veintemillas, Jacksonville Attorney at Law It seems as though the issue of legalizing medical marijuana in Florida is constantly in the news. Last month, I wrote an article on the Jacksonville lawyers website about about … Continue reading

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How much does it cost for a divorce in Florida?

lauren kingry law

The following information was provided by Kristin Fields, a paralegal for Lauren Kingry Law, PA in Jacksonville Florida. Costs of a Divorce without an Attorney The cost of a divorce can very depending on the issues. The filing fee in … Continue reading

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How to give a child up for adoption? There are options!

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, there are numerous options for you to consider. With help from attorneys who will work for free for you, you can choose the family who adopts your child. Adoption and Family Law Attorneys … Continue reading

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Florida Divorce Rates, Information and Help

Some studies show increased adhd behaviors in children after a divorce.

A Brown University study found that four of the top ten US cities with the highest divorce rates are in Florida. In 2011, the Huffington Post reported that Florida had the 8th highest divorce rate of any state in the … Continue reading

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Attorneys for Florida Law

There are currently 93 U.S. Attorneys in the United States. The Office of the United States Attorney was created along with the office of Attorney General and the United States Marshals Service in 1789. At that time the structure of … Continue reading

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Florida Welfare Drug Testing Ruled Unconstitutional | TANF

Federal U.S. District Judge Mary Scriven, ruled that Gov. Rick Scott’s law requiring welfare recipients to take drug tests is unconstitutional. Scott quickly said he would appeal the latest beat down for the Republican Rick Scott. Rick Scott’s attack is … Continue reading

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Tim Deegan First Coast News DUI | How did he get probation?

Tim Deegan Mugshot Placeholder

I wrote an article approximately a month ago on the Jacksonville lawyers website discussing Tim Deegan’s arrest for DUI in Jacksonville FL.  The article was titled Tim Deegan Arrested for DUI in Jacksonville Florida.  Deegan is a meteorologist for First Coast News.  He was … Continue reading

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My Kid Was Arrested. What Will Happen?

From the United States Attorneys’ Manual Arrest of a Juvenile A juvenile may be arrested on a warrant issued on either a complaint or a juvenile information. When arrest is unnecessary, the court may be asked to issue a summons … Continue reading

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Short Sale Laws From Jacksonville Attorney George Beckus

George Beckus has nearly 10 years legal experience.  He began his legal career in the Offices of the Public Defender 7th Circuit in where he handled thousands of criminal cases, both felony and misdemeanor. George Beckus started his own Law Firm in 2011, concentrating primarily in areas … Continue reading

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