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As disgusting as it is, the story will not end…

Florida public record laws will release the names of the jurors on the case and it could lead to further stories surrounding the tragic death of a small child. Judge Belvin Perry seems to understand this and will not release their names until at least October 25, stating they will not be released “until sufficient time has passed to allow those enraged by the verdict and who might instinctively react with violence to compose and restrain themselves.”

Perry went on to blast the media for the acting in the name of entertainment instead of justice. As most reasonable men and women can see the media’s exploiting of this terrible death of a child has created quite an issue for what was deemed an innocent girl and those who followed all proper procedures as jurors during the trial.

Stating: “The jurors in this case face the possibility of substantial injury if their names are immediately made public,” Perry went on to write that he had the right to hold back the release “based upon the unique and alarming circumstances surrounding this case.”

“It was reported that television ratings for the trial were extraordinary. Clearly, the broadcast of an official and serious court proceeding such as this trial where a young girl was dead and her mother faced the death penalty devolved into cheap, soap-opera-like entertainment.”

Perry continued to state that the use of the public records law releasing jurors names had, “become simply a tool to sell a story.”

Three of the jurors have released their names voluntarily.

There are reports of other women with the same names as the juror number 13 receiving public outrage. Juror 13 stated the jurors were “sick to our stomach to get that verdict.” She went on, “We were crying and not just the women. It was emotional and we weren’t ready.” “If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment should be.”

Juror number 12 stated, “I’d rather go to jail than sit on a jury like this again.” She has since went into hiding because of death threats.

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