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George Beckus has nearly 10 years legal experience working in Florida and New Jersey after starting his career as a Public Defender. George has handled thousands of criminal cases. He has a vast amount of experience in the court system, working with a wide range of clients needing help with felonies, misdemeanors, financial issues, and civil proceedings.

In 2011, George Beckus started a Jacksonville Law Firm, concentrating primarily in areas of bankruptcy, foreclosure and criminal defense.  He has represented hundreds of bankruptcy and foreclosure clients. George understands the complexities faced by people in need of legal representation in difficult times.

The following is some free tips that George has given on his website, If you have questions about filing bankruptcy and would like the assistance of a trained lawyer who can help protect your rights, George can be contacted at: (904) 448.5335

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What Not To Do Before Bankruptcy.

Every so often I will get a call from someone who has been in financial distress for awhile and is interested to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and then during the my initial consultation I cringe thinking how this person has done everything wrong in the lead up to bankruptcy.  For instance, potential clients drain their savings accounts or the 401K accounts to try and pay bills that will ultimately be dischargeable in the bankruptcy.  Additionally, I also find it common for people to pay off their car in full prior to filing bankruptcy, not knowing that they are creating equity in their vehicle that may not be exemptible.  Therefore, they are in the unenviable situation of choosing between keeping their vehicle, not filing a needed bankruptcy or having to buy back the equity from the trustee.

Its important to be aware of your financial situation, and if it is becoming apparent that bankruptcy may be in your future, then that is when you should reach out to a qualified bankruptcy attorney for a consultation so you can properly prepare and avoid these and other costly mistakes.


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