Andrew Scott Dies, Lake County Florida Sheriff’s Office Kill Wrong Man

“””It would be interesting to look out of Andrew Scotts 26 year old eyes in the moments before his death that night. “””

It is being reported that Lake County police officers with the sheriff’s office shot and killed Andrew Scott but later realized they got the wrong house. They are reported to have been after an attempted murder suspect on Sunday but when they went to the wrong house at 1:30 in the morning Scott saw flashlights and gun flashes. Gun control laws in Florida allow men or women to answer their door with a gun in hand.

It is being reported that the police showed up at the man’s house at 1:30 am and knocked on the door. Some reports are already stating, like it is fact, that the cops did not identify themselves. Maybe that is protocol when searching houses at 1:30 am for murder suspects? We now know why it can present an issue.

Lake County Florida Sheriff kill Andrew Scott, innocent man.

Lake County Florida Sheriff’s Office

Lake County Florida Sheriff’s deputies were looking for Jonathan Brown, who is accused of attempted murder. Brown was last seen in Blueberry Hills complex and his vehicle happened to be parked across from the now deceased Andrew Scott’s front door. Apparently, those signs were enough to assume Brown was in that apartment and it seems procedures were followed that were obviously not right, whether legal or illegal.

From, Herrell, stated, “The bottom line is, you point a gun at a deputy sheriff or plice officer, you’re going to get shot.”

It would be interesting to look out of Andrew Scotts 26 year old eyes in the moments before his death that night. He obviously lived in an area of Lake County Florida where the police would come at 1:30 in the morning looking for an attempted murder suspect. The knocking of the door and obviously a bit of fear running through the poor dead kid he grabs a gun. Like many Americans would who had the fear of what could be on the other side of the door, Andrew may have had the gun in any direction that made sense in the moment. As he pokes his head out the door, I am sure a brilliant light, much like that he saw moments later immediately greeted him, but at this instant in time it was SUPER duty flashlights of blinding intensity. Realizing, like most 26 year old young men would in America, it was police HE IS NOT REPORTED TO HAVE FIRED A SHOT, and the Lake County police used their guns to kill an innocent man.

The actual accused, was later caught…

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