All around the United States Dan Cathy’s Chick Fil A is booming | Bless the Chick Fil A

Some believe business owners like Dan Cathy of Chick fil a should be allowed to discriminate. They claim it is their right to do as they wish with their land or business, and that is certainly something to stand up for. Something else to stand up for, more important than another’s right to discriminate, is a person’s right to happiness, to stand up against a bully. Physical attacks may be legally separated from verbal attacks, but to any who may have suffered chastising from bigots in the world, the difference is very minor. No one wants to be abused physically or verbally.

Chick-fil-a owner, Dan Cathy seems hell bent on letting the world know he doesn’t agree with homosexuals getting married. Listen to this great song by Eric Odom. It seems that the chastising Dan Cathy crossed a new line running his mouth this time and not only is he losing homosexual business, but he is also losing the business of those who agree with him, but do not want to violate another man’s right to happiness.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino was the first mayor to come out against Chick-fil-a, and Dan Cathy. Menino, like several mayors around the nation, are trying to keep his restaurant out of their town.

If under the law it is Dan Cathy and Chick-Fil-A’s right to discriminate and threaten the happiness of a group of people, then it his right to attack them. Should it therefor be their right to attack back? Should they be allowed to burn down the building they are not allowed in, so they can obtain their right to happiness?

Bless the Chick-Fil-A

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