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Attorney General Pam Bondi issued the below statement in response to the Drug Abuse Warning Network’s “Drug-Related Emergency Department Visits Involving Synthetic Cannabinoids” report. Cathinones, commonly known as “bath salts,” and cannabinoids, commonly known as “K2” or “Spice,” are synthetic drugs that reportedly cause seizures, hallucinations, paranoid behavior, nonresponsiveness, and more.

“According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network report, synthetic cannabinoids were linked to more than 11,000 emergency department visits in 2010. It is extremely alarming that seventy-five percent of those visits were by patients ages 12-29.

“We must do everything within our power to keep these dangerous drugs out of the hands of Florida’s children. I remain dedicated to partnering with the law enforcement community, health officials, and the Florida Legislature to outlaw these drugs and remove them from Florida’s store shelves.”

Follow this link to view the report:

Attorney General Bondi has been committed to protecting Floridians from synthetic drugs since first taking office. In 2011, Attorney General Bondi signed an executive order that temporarily outlawed MDPV, commonly known as “bath salts.” Attorney General Bondi has worked closely the Florida Legislature for the past two legislative sessions to add cathinones and cannabinoids to the schedule of controlled substances.

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