Adoption Lawyer Offering Free Pregnancy Tests

Law firms are offering free pregnancy tests to women who may be pregnant. The lawyers have learned while working on Jacksonville & Florida adoption cases that far too often women cannot afford the test to determine if they may be having a baby.

In addition to obtaining a free pregnancy test, women are able to learn more about adoptions and the various options available under Florida law for expecting mothers.

Considering Adoption? Know Your Options and Get a Free Pregnancy Test.

Why choose adoption?

There are many reasons women put children up for adoption and every situation is unique. Reasons such as not being ready for kids, no father figure in the picture, or not being able to support a child, in general, are all valid reasons. If you have chosen to put your baby up for adoption, there are a lot of options for you!

Steps to putting a child up for adoption.

Confirm you are pregnant. We offer free tests!

First and foremost, there will need to be confirmation that you are in fact pregnant. Once this has been confirmed, you will need to take optimal care of yourself, for you and your child’s well-being. Throughout your pregnancy, you will need to discontinue the use of all drugs and alcohol and your physician will further instruct you on any other information you will need to have a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Getting financial help for your pregnancy.

Now that you’ve established a plan as far as your pregnancy, you can now take steps toward the adoption process. Before you do anything you will need to decide if adoption is really the option you wanted to take. Once decided, you will be advised of all the options you have to proceed in the adoption process. An attorney can assist you in analyzing your financial situation and determining the type of government programs that will be beneficial to you throughout the adoption process. They can also help to find housing and resources such as food, supplies, and even maternity clothing as needed. You will also have access to counseling throughout your pregnancy and after birth.

Choosing from the adoption options and developing your plan.

You will be able to choose what type of adoption you would prefer. There are 3 different options to choose from while determining your adoption plan.

Open Adoption, Semi-open and Closed

If you choose an open adoption, you will be able to contact the adoptive family and the child. You will be able to call, receive pictures, and see your child, according to the terms you and the adoptive family agree to. If you chose semi-open adoption, you will be able to receive pictures and some updates, and phone calls. For closed adoption, you will get no contact with the adoptive family or the child at all. Information about the birth-parents and adoptive parents will not be shared.

Choosing your child’s adoptive parents.

Depending on what you choose, you may hand-select the family that adopts your child. The agency in which you decided to run your adoption through, will update you and give you information about adoptive families. Some hopeful adoptive parents will create a book, pamphlet, or some other form of autobiography for birth-mothers to look over and decide what family they want their child to go with. After you choose which family would best-suit the criteria you want for your child, you will be able to sit down with the family or have a phone interview.

Staying in touch with your child’s new family.

Many birth moms find that they form a connection with an adoptive family after seeing their profile and learning about the family dynamic. Once you have decided on a family, you can choose to have an in-person meeting or a phone interview with them. During this conversation, you will be able to get to know the family better and let them know your wishes during the rest of the process. You should be aware that the adoptive family will be very nervous and anxious during your first meetings, but feel free to address any concerns you might have.

Birth and Beyond!

Once the baby is born, you will be allowed to spend time with the child. Once the termination papers have been signed you will still have your adoption counselor at your aid to help with any emotional stress you might have afterward. They will also contact you with photos and letter of your child at least once a year or at the frequency, you and the adoptive family agree to. You may get in contact with mothers who have also put their children up for adoption for emotional support and local support groups.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about adoption that you might have.

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